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Windows XP Professional 64 bit

Windows XP Professional 64 bit is the most popular operating system is still in the market. Windows XP Professional Operating System is amazing, lightweight, user friendly, & most popular with amazing features. It is a lightweight, stable and super-fast operating system and comes out in the market firstly on 24 August 2001. Now different Editions of the Windows XP Operating System have come out in the marketplace according to user needs. Windows XP includes Windows XP Enterprise, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Starter Edition, Windows XP Gold, and Windows XP Home Edition.

Windows XP Professional 64 bit – Review

Windows XP Professional Edition is launched for Professional work and has almost every feature that needs professionals. It is designed mainly for business and power users. The professional version is a very powerful release and having new advanced features and functions. Windows XP Professional 64 bit available in Marketplace in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

Windows XP is first launched after the development of Windows 98 and Windows 2000. So those who have the older computer with the low specification of hardware can use Windows XP efficiently in their system. Moreover, It supports all advanced software, as well as runs popular games like GTA Vice City. Windows XP security feature is much efficient as compared to Windows 2000 & Windows 98. Moreover, there is no doubt about its latest feature, which are also much better than the previous operating system.

Windows XP Professional 64 bit – Features

User-Friendly interface

It has a user-friendly and eye-catching interface, which is very catchy & easy to learn.

Security & Privacy

Windows XP Professional 64 bit now secures your privacy and ensures you more security on your operating system. It has security updated features and keeps your operating system protected from viruses, worms, etc. It got new security upgrades and malware effects and having an efficient upgraded Internet Explorer

Automatic Software Updates

Now its latest updates working on administration features that including Automatic Software Installation and maintenance of your operating system and Remote Installation services also included.

Hard Disk Storage Type Switching

Now user can switch the hard disk storage type from Dynamic to Basic and Basic to Dynamic.

Multiple Language Support

In Professional Edition a new opportunity available that it has multiple language support.

File overwriting Protection

Its latest updates protect your system files and avoid files to overwrite. In any case, if the file is overwritten then your Windows File Protection manager will restore the correct version.

CD/DVD Burning

It provides its user’s support for burning DVDs/CDs. Moreover, users can play the music directly from the CV/DVD drive.

Fast Internet Support

It also provides its consumers with fast internet performance, Moreover, it has very little crashed as compared to the previous releases.

Better Photo Handling

Photo handling and printing are improved.

System Restore

Now user can restore the system to the previous date in case the data loss, or having an issue with the operating system. This feature is the latest & very helpful, moreover, Now users don’t need to install the fresh operating system, so this feature is also saving the user time & Data.


It has improved the help and support center . . XP Professional also added Task Menus that are context-sensitive.

Wifi Wireless Connection Support

It will provide its users with automatic wireless connection support also peer-to-peer networking support improved.

Start Menu

It also added an interesting Start Menu, which should include a list of programs. Moreover, Now the user has a Task Menus that are context-sensitive.

Windows XP Professional 64 bit – System Requirements

The minimum requirement for the installations of Windows XP Professional 64 bit.

CPU: Pentium or compatible, 233 MHz BIOS or compatible firmware

Memory: 256 MB

Free Space: 1.5 GB

Display: Super VGA (800×600)

Windows XP Professional 64 bit – How to Install

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  1. You need to provide the key “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX” for this version of XP, or it will not Install!!!!

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  3. How updated is this version of xp x64 in itself, does this iso integrates unofficial updates or only the official ones and which year is this xp updated to?

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