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Windows Vista Enterprise is launched by Microsoft Windows Operating System and available in the market in six different product versions. That includes Starter, Home Premium, Home Basic, Business, Ultimate and also Enterprise that we now study in detail. Windows Vista Enterprise comes out in marketplace November 30, 2006, in The New York, two months before the other versions of Vista launched. Windows Vista Enterprise combines all the feature of the Business and the Home Premium Edition. Microsoft was officially launching this version, especially for the business customers. Enterprise Edition is available only for those who are exclusive to Microsoft Assurance customers. If you are in any company or organization that has to take advantage of the special volume through Microsoft, so for your ease you might be running Windows Vista Enterprise.

Windows Vista Enterprise provides great help to companies in improving productivity, managing risks through advanced security features, provides control and Enterprise level security etc. That Edition consists all the features of the Business Edition. The 64-bit Edition of the Enterprise supports up to the 128 GB of RAM. Now in Enterprise Version, there should be the advanced accessibility settings and enhanced ease of Access Center. You have the opportunity to recover User files and Folders. Now your built-internet browser internet explorer 7.0 is more secure due to Anti-Phishing feature. Network diagnostic and troubleshooting problems now solved more easily. Microsoft mainly aimed this version to Business decision makers, informational workers, IT managers and general business users. It also provides its users the opportunity of the remote desktop.

Bit Locker is the key feature included in this edition using this you can lock your Folders that you want. Bit Locker enhanced data security of an Enterprise Edition. Now you can have two ways to upgrade your Vista from one Edition to another Edition such as Business to Enterprise. The first method was simple, by inserting the Windows Vista DVD of the higher edition and upgrades it and another method is, you can have Windows Anytime Upgrade applet in the Control Panel through which you can do an upgrade. Windows Vista Enterprise helps users to protect higher levels of data using hardware-based encryption technology. You have availability of integrated Smart Card management. Vista Enterprise Edition eliminates IT costs and other complexity by providing different new tools that protect the company data and also reduce the number required disk images.

Aero glass, animations, and visual effects are also added in Windows Vista Enterprise. Enterprise is more efficient because of enhanced feature of fast user switching. Now you have advanced photography features. For entertainment also you have available new Windows built-in games like 3D Chess, Shanghai Solitaire etc. Now multi-language user interface included in Enterprise Version. Now it also has enhanced screen resolutions and advanced speech recognition tool which make it more interesting. Mobility features now included in Enterprise version. Now Windows Enterprise Edition comprises advanced Windows Media Player 11 and its related components and has Tablet PC functionalities which make users work easier and interesting.


  • Windows Vista Enterprise provides the opportunity to secure your family, children using policies of the parental control option.
  • Now using Vista DVD Maker you can author your own DVD.
  • Now you have more Windows Games in Enterprise version as compared to other versions of the Windows Vista.
  • Windows Vista provides companies in improving their productivity and to manage risks using enhanced security features.
  • You can have the opportunity to create your own amazing HD Movies using Windows Movie Maker.
  • Windows Vista Enterprise gives its users high opportunity to protect higher levels of data using hardware-based encryption technique.
  • This version also ensures the compatibility of legacy applications.
  • All the Mobility features now added in Enterprise Edition.
  • In Enterprise there should be enhanced Wireless Networking options available in settings.
  • Enterprise Edition specially designed user-friendly interface.
  • It also included enhanced Speech recognition tool.
  • Now you can use your personal computer in more places with Windows Mobility Center.
  • You can collaborate with others on the Windows Meeting Space.
  • In Enterprise you have an option available to join Network or Campus Domain.
  • Using Bit Locker you can lock your Folders that you want. Bit Locker helps you to secure your PC.
  • It also has available Desktop Windows Manager Application.
  • Vista Enterprise provides you to recover previous versions with Shadow Copy feature.
  • Now it includes enhanced Window Media Center, such as cable card support.
  • Another enhanced feature was a Domain join on Windows server.
  • Enterprise Edition also provides its user remote desktop services.
  • Microsoft makes windows Enterprise more secure and reliable as compared to XP.
  • It should provide its users now unlimited screen resolution support.
  • This version has new auxiliary display support and also has Tablet PC functionalities.
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Windows Vista Enterprise Free Download 32/64bit

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