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Windows Vista AIO was presented by Microsoft as an all-encompassing operating system after Windows XP. Although Windows XP came out to be one of the most successful and famous OS from Microsoft Windows Vista AIO is also nothing short of a highly interactive operating system. Windows Vista AIO was designed in a way that it can be considered as the most suitable operating system for personal computers, business desktops, tablets, and laptops.

It is compatible with 32 and 64-bit processors both. Windows Vista AIO touched the market with 6 product editions namely, Basic, Home, Home Premium, Business, Starter, and Ultimate.  The Enterprise edition though is one for business use due to its security features, productivity level, and risk management features. You may like to visit the Offical link.

Windows Vista AIO – Review

Altogether, Windows Vista AIO is a very responsive and attractive operating system of Microsoft Windows and sports loads of new and enhanced features which are discussed further in the article. Windows Vista AIO is like its name comprises the goodness of all the editions that are developed for business and domestic purposes and worth having as an OS for your system. You may like to download the Windows 7 Professional.

Windows Vista AIO – Features

The interface

All in one comes with completely a new look and new feel. It carries some of the major features that will be extended by Microsoft in all the upcoming projects. The feature behind the new and more interactive interface in Windows AERO provides a completely new clutter-less and easy-to-understand and easy-to-access environment. Another change in the interface is its Start which is changed to an eye-catching Windows Pearl orb. However, users who are prone to familiarity can opt to have the classic Start Menu back on their interface. The search system is also revamped and has been given the new name of Windows Search.


In this operating system, Microsoft has given top priority to security features. With security tools like Windows Defender, It is nothing short of a fort for users. Windows Defender blocks all types of viruses, malware, or any other digital threat from entering a system.

Powerful recovery tools

It provides powerful system recovery disk to both processors that are 32 bit and 64 bit. Users can now recover their system with the complete Recovery Centre through an automated system that automatically searches and fixes the problems. Users can also roll back to a restoring point to recover the complete PC backup. For advanced recovery, All in one also provides the facility of a command-line recovery console.

Updated internet explorer

The internet explorer is updated to version 7.0. The integrated feature of anti-phishing strengthens the security of internet usage for users to a very high level.

Updated windows media player

Windows Media Player is updated to version 11 and its new features are particularly designed to manage the digital library consisting of music, videos, and photos. It also syncs the library with various portable players.

HD movie maker

Windows Vista AIO brings more creativity and more fun for the users to explore as in Windows Vista AIO they can enjoy digital media of their PC anywhere in their home. Moreover, users can retain HD quality in their movies when they capture, edit and then publish them from the HD camcorder. This is how they can also create a professional standard DVD complete with chapters and transitions that can be enjoyed on the home DVD players. With Windows, DVD Maker users can also burn their home movies and slide shows to DVD.

Enterprise edition

It consolidates all editions in itself i-e Ultimate, Home, Basic, Premium home, Starter, and Business but the addition of Enterprise edition is a notch higher. Enterprise edition has everything that a business edition has but with a higher level of protection for a higher level of data due to its unique technique of hardware-based encryption.

Remote access

Windows Vista AIO makes it safer and easier for the users to work from any place they want by remotely accessing their data because Vista AIO has all the advanced security and networking features to keep data safe and smooth on all the shared computers through encryption of files for every user.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting

All users can easily solve troubleshooting problems once the network diagnosis is complete.

Windows ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is the latest feature that is used and this is a highly unique concept to integrate memory in some systems. This feature saves the users from purchasing a new RAM and opening their own PCs, instead they can just incorporate the memory by plugging in the Flash. Moreover, almost all the motherboards contain you can just plug in the Flash. Plus, nearly all motherboards contain two slots for RAM and this gets to record in any way.

Windows ReadyDrive

This feature benefits from the latest hybrid drives so it can enable faster built-up, restart, and hibernation. The feature writes the data to flash memory to hybrid. This way the total spinning to mechanical hard disk significantly lessens and saves the battery power. Furthermore, it increases hard disk life. It resumes from sleep faster by using the hybrid drive as data is restored faster in flash memory as compared to spinning mechanical hard disk.

Backup and Restore

The feature enables the users to save their data from the loss that can happen by mistake, due to hardware failure, or any other reason. The many safety layers of Windows Vista AIO ensure maximum safety. Users can easily activate the auto feature by accessing the backup and restore in the control panel which will then cache the previous variation of the files automatically into the image-based copy of users’ computers.

Network Map

Network Map is another brand new addition in the Network Centre of Windows Vista AIO which graphically shows users’ connectivity to the internet community. If users’ PC loses the connectivity with internet then users will easily see that the link is down. Users then can use the help of Network Diagnostics to determine the reason for the disconnection and then can also find the resolution accordingly.

Windows Vista AIO – Technical Details

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