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Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition was released in October 2013 with some alterations and enhancements as compared to Windows 8. Microsoft released another update in April 2014 for Windows 8.1. This time various features were added, like UWP apps that can be pinned to the taskbar. The title bar is also available in the UWP app. The apps listed in the Start Screen has now their own right-click menu. There are various other features that are discussed in this article.

Better work productivity in minimum work operations is what everyone seeks. Moreover, data management and security also have utmost importance while running a business. Microsoft has made it possible by providing one platform, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, to solve all the problems. You can store all your business data with the utmost security in Windows 8.1 Enterprise. This edition sports a wide range of features that helps you in maintaining unlimited data. You may like to Download Windows 8.1 Pro Edition.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise – Review

Windows 8.1 Enterprise is Microsoft’s most potent edition for businesses and large-scale institutes. It has a plethora of tools and features apart from the mentioned ones. They are perfect for keeping your data managed and secure. Windows 8.1 Enterprise is famous for its reliable and user-friendly interface. Overall, Enterprise edition is a comprehensive and standalone offline bootable image (ISO) file that you can get free of cost very quickly. You can also download Windows 8.1 from the official website.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise – Features

Client Hyper

This is one of the strongest features of the Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition as it provided optimized support for Client Hyper-V. The feature works as hypervisor technology. Furthermore, Client Hyper-V requires a 4GB memory and support for SLAT (Second Level Address Translation). Users can quickly move VMs between Windows 8.1 Hyper V and Server 2012 using this prominent feature.

Secure Boot

Secure Boot is another handy feature in Windows 8.1 Enterprise that protects your operating system from potential viruses. The feature also speeds up the start-up loading. The Secure Boot benefits UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) to record the certificates that signify secure operating systems during the boot process. All types of malware are detected and prevented at the loading time during the boot process.


This feature enables users to let the users keep particular apps in locks so that other users of the operating system cannot use that app.


RemoteFX in Windows 8.1 Enterprise provides the support for remote touch, host-side rendering of intensive graphics, and USB devices. The feature also provides VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to help you run Windows 8.1 desktop in VDI mode.

Branch cache

This edition provides Branch Cache, which lets the local PCs or branch office servers connect to remote servers for the faster transfer of subsequent files.

Direct access

Direct access is a feature on 8.1 Enterprise that helps remote users connect to the IT department’s corporate networks to keep small systems updated with the latest policies and software.

Facial recognition

Windows 8.1 Enterprise is a platform for businesses and institutions where privacy is paramount. The OS understands it and provides an additional security feature where people can lock their systems in a way that can be only unlocked by facial recognition.

A unique interface

Windows 8.1 is known for its highly user-friendly interface. However, the simplicity does not make it boring, it just simplifies the usage. The Live tiles give a lively and exciting look to the OS interface.


There are language packages available in the Enterprise edition. Users can select any language according to their location while working on their computers. The package makes it easy for diverse users to use the OS without any ambiguity.

Refresh and Reset

The “Refresh and Reset” feature enables you to Refresh your system, but the added perk is that you can do it without losing any personal file. Moreover, you can also reset your system to the beginning point. The feature mainly helps if there is a virus or any other kind of malicious attack on your system.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise – Technical Details

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