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Windows 8.1 All in One

It is released in June 2013 just after the release of Windows 8. There is much criticized on the windows 8. As we all know it has many drawbacks according to the user interface and user-friendliness. Also, it has many bugs and limitations for the installation of setups that were not installing the programs on the new windows operating system. The desktop start icon was removed and the new users do not know how to use it, even how to shut down and stop the mp4 file once played. These were common issues that the users were facing. So Microsoft decided to release the new updated version to satisfy the customers and compel them to use it by providing the new and nice features.

The windows 8.1 All in One is also known as the blue which is the codename of Windows 8.1. The name was called because the blue theme was most commonly and likely used in the windows about all the users. In the updated version all the previous version issues are resolved and provide a better interface which also includes the start button. It has multiple task performance ability, you can work on multiple screens, and desktop, shortcut keys, improved GUI, enhanced safety and security features, fast data transfer from computer to USB, fast startup, and many bug fixations are done in the updated version.

Windows 8.1 AIO All in One version is the package of multiple versions of Windows 8.1. Different editions of windows 8.1 are Windows 8.1 AIO, Professional, and Enterprise. It has all the editions in one setup file so the user can install either of the version he likes. It is also available in different languages for different users.

How to install Windows 8.1 All in One

First, download the Windows 8.1 AIO All in One ISO file. You can install the windows with two methods

  • Boot from USB.
  • Boot from CD.

The Boot from USB needs to make the USB bootable using any software like Yumi and copy operating system files to it using the software. Then boot the operating system from USB and follow the installation steps.

Likewise, you need to burn the image of Windows 8.1 All In One ISO x86/x64 to the CD using any software. Start the computer and boot from the CD-ROM then you will directly go to the installation steps. Follow the simple installation steps you will do.

Tutorials, Communities, Support

There are a large number of communities that are providing the tutorials of how to use Windows 8.1 All in One Full Trial version free download step by step. Hundreds of video tutorials are available for the use of windows 8.1. People like to write blogs and willingly share their experience and also the educations platform is there that will help you if you face any kind of problem in usage.

A number of communities are there that are helping the users and fixing there issues like Microsoft Ask Question is one of a big platform for asking for help.

Microsoft is providing the support for the Windows 8.1 All in One edition if you find any kind of bug you can report it to Microsoft they will fix it. As they are providing full support to this product.

Windows 8.1 All in One Feature

  • It has all editions in the ISO file.
  • It has multiple desktops options.
  • The nice and great graphical user interface that is good for the users.
  • Easy to use and access the things right on hand.
  • Enhanced security and stable version release after Windows 8.
  • Direct boot to desktop as the previous version came after booting on the list of applications on computers, laptops.

Windows 8.1 Product Key

NOTE: This Key is an Official Installation Key, not the Activation Key for windows 8.1.

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Windows 8.1 All in One Free Download 32/64bit


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