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Windows 7 Ultimate operating system to iron out the highlighted issues in Windows Vista. This Operating System is designed to run on personal computers for every setting whether it is a desktop in a business setup, personal laptop, tablet, or media-centered PC powered by processors such as X86 and X64. It has multiple editions including Starter, Professional, Enterprise, Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate. Among the 6 versions, Windows 7 Ultimate is considered the best for businesses, professionals, and personal users.

This is mainly because it contains everything of the two worlds i-e Enterprise and Home Premium. Moreover, it can run programs in Windows XP Mode as well. Following are some main features that make Windows 7 Ultimate a preferred OS even after the release of several updated MS OS versions. You can also visit the official website.

Windows 7 Ultimate – Review

Below mentioned features are only a few highlights of Windows 7 Ultimate. The updated driver optimizations for more speed and more stable operation along with other enhancements make this version better than any other previous release of the MS Windows Operating system. The bottom line is that Windows 7, particularly the Ultimate edition, is the most celebrated and popular version of the Windows operating system that Microsoft ever produced.

Even 2021 is marked by its popularity, though several other updated versions now are available in the market. Statistics tell us that 20% of traditional Windows OS PCs are still running Windows 7 due to its versatility and enhanced performance.

You can also download Windows 7 Pro ISO.

Windows 7 Ultimate – Features

Advanced search tool

Windows 7 ultimate sports a wide range of advancements such as an upgraded WinFS storage system, driver optimizations, and search tool. Finding your files in Windows 7 Ultimate is a lot more convenient than doing it in any other operating system. There is a new start menu along with a Universal search box which is a great improvement over Windows XP.

Searching the files on your computer through these features is very easy as compared to Windows XP. If you click Start Orb, you will find a separate place for conducting advance searches. The search window comes up as a regular Explorer window where all the search options are consolidated in a little box. The search options are, however, complex; they work wonders once you are familiar with the features.

Linguistic flexibility

It like the other versions of 7 OS, provides the option of 35 languages that are spoken all over the globe. This makes it convenient for people from every region to operate the system smoothly with complete understanding.

Windows Taskbar

The improved Taskbar in Windows 7 Ultimate provides enhanced thumbnail previews of the pinned windows. Even the icons are upgraded in the version for a more attractive Taskbar. The new Taskbar sports number of customization options as well.


The option of Homegroup enables you to keep everyone on the same page. There is no need to get involved in the intricate network setting to share files. Moreover, you can make an access point to all the printers so you can share and print your files all from one single platform.

Jump List

This is another feature that makes Windows 7 Ultimate best for both professional and personal use. with this feature, you can speedily access specific files. Whether it is your favorite song, a website, or your important and most often used official document, they are all just one click away in Windows 7 Ultimate.


This is beneficial for business use when you need to compare the two files on the same window or you want to open another window for reference purposes. You don't need a double screen in your office setting anymore. The Snap feature enables you to quickly resize and use multiple windows on the same screen with only one snap.

BitLocker for security

It overcomes all the security issues that users could have in other operating systems. You can completely secure your documents and data by encrypting the whole data disk drive with BitLocker.

Windows Firewall

A stronger firewall is a built-in part of Windows 7 Ultimate. With this version installed on your PCs, there is no chance that intruders such as hackers can disrupt your operations and data with malicious software.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a feature in Ultimate 7 that works as the first line of defense against any malware and spyware. With this feature, you can work on anything without worrying that your files will be corrupted by an unwanted virus or someone will spy on your activities through spyware.

Windows XP Mode

Another thing that makes Windows 7 Ultimate very suitable for businesses and professionals is that you can run the older business software of Windows XP on Windows 7 desktop. They will run equally smoothly even though Windows 7 is a more updated version than XP.

Personal and entertaining

Coming to Windows 7 Ultimate suitability for personal use, you will thoroughly enjoy its features on your desktop. You can redecorate and arrange your desktop with engaging new themes and can incorporate handy gadgets as well. You can do customization in multiple ways to make your interface as aligned with your personality as possible. It makes your personal desktop personal in every literal sense.

Aero Desktop experience

Another engaging quality of Ultimate is that you can mix cool graphics through the Aero desktop experience that provides you with several ways to manage and play with your desktop. Aero Desktop experience makes desktop management an enjoyable task.

Full 64-bit support

Windows 7 Ultimate is known to make the most of 64-bit PCs. The operating system remarkably increases the performance and capacity of 64 Bit PCs. This is the main reason that people are still using Windows 7 on their PCs even after the release of its successors in the market.

Performance enhancements

Several other enhancements are incorporated in Windows 7 Ultimate when it comes to performance. Quick sleep, smooth resume, and smart USB detection are some added benefits in the version. But the fact that Ultimate 7 requires less memory makes it a top-notch operating system among all.

Windows 7 Ultimate – Technical Details

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