Windows 11

Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 is the latest operating system is now launched in the market. Microsoft Windows is a platform where the whole world innovates. Since its birth, Windows operating system is working as a backbone for businesses and domestic PCs all around the globe. This is where the World Wide Web started its existence and evolved to take the current form of unbelievable connectivity.

Windows is where many of us played our first game, wrote our first email, and did our first coding. All in all, billions of people from every country and region rely on Windows for their connectivity, creation, and achievement. Keeping this in view, Microsoft has never stopped updating and improving Windows. The company introduced version after version in the market. you may visit the official link for Windows 11 beta download.

You can download Windows 10.

Windows 11 – Review

However, MS has not launched a new update after Windows 10 which was launched in 2015. Now Microsoft is back in the market with its official launch of Windows 11 on 5th Oct 2021. We can all see that the long wait was worthwhile. Windows 11 iso is adorned with all the features that are required by the new digital world. Following are some highlights of the enhancements that are added to the latest version of Microsoft Windows OS.

Windows 11 is more than only an operating system. It is a part woven into the life of PC users. It is where you can connect with people, learn new things, work efficiently and play carefree. Windows 11 is an evolved version of Windows OS that adapts to our current digital and IT needs. It is time that we raise our system performance with the new Windows 11.

Windows 11 – Features

Revamped interface

The very first thing that we notice in an OS is its user interface. Windows 11 makes an impactful first impression with its simple yet smart interface. The user experience is simplified through simple design that empowers you to be more productive and creative. The overall look is fresh, modern, and clean. From the new Taskbar to the new Start button and from sound to the icons and fonts, everything is designed specially to give you complete control of your desktop and to make you feel calm and at ease when you are working on the platform.

A New Start

Windows 11 iso has the Start at its center on the layout to help you find what you want with more convenience. The new Start has the power of Microsoft 365 and the Cloud that enables you to see your recent files. It doesn’t matter what device or platform, iOS or Android, you were using to view that file earlier.

New Snap layout

Windows 11 introduces Snap Groups, Desktops, and Layouts to provide more powerful ways of multitasking so you can stay on top of your work. These new features help you in organizing your windows and in optimizing your screen’s real estate. This is very useful for those who use multiple monitors.

With the Snap feature, you can switch between different windows and app on one monitor. You can even create a separate Desktop for everything in your life and customize them according to your preference. This means you can have a separate desktop for your professional work, gaming, and domestic stuff.

Chat and Team

Windows 11 excitedly introduce Chat from Microsoft Teams which is integrated into the new taskbar of the OS. It enables you to connect instantly with your friends, family, and team members included in your Personal contact. You can do it through chat, text, voice, and video.

It does not matter what device or platform they are using. You can still connect with people on the other side through two-way SMS, even if they do not have the Team app downloaded on their devices.

Enhanced PC gaming experience

Windows 11 comes as the best news for all the gamers out there. The latest version unleashes the maximum potential of your system hardware and puts the latest gaming technology on the table for you. For instance, DirectX 12 Ultimate enables amazingly immersive graphics at very high frame rates.

Another example is DirectStorage that empowers you to load your game world with more details and maximum speed.  Auto HDR provides a more vivid and wider range of colors which gives you a fascinating visual experience. Hardware compatibility is top-notch as Windows 11 supports all the popular peripherals and accessories of PC gaming.

New Widgets

Everyone cares about remaining updated with the information and news in the current era. Windows 11 ensures it with the Widgets. It’s about the latest AI-powered personalized feed with the best browser performance from Microsoft Edge. Today, people pick up their phones for the latest news to stay connected with the outer world.

Now, you can do that directly on your desktop. The news feed related to weather, information, and every latest update, slides through your desktop screen like a glass sheet when you open your news feed. The aim is to create a pipeline for both international and local brands so creators and consumers can benefit equally from the new feature.

The new Microsoft Store

The enhanced Microsoft Store is a more reliable location for content and apps to watch, play, work, create, and learn. The functionality is enhanced for speed and a completely new design is now more beautiful and easy to use. Moreover, the new store brings you more apps and easier search for content, apps, shows, games, and movies.

Above all, Microsoft store only offers the tested apps so you can completely rely on them. Download the apps with complete peace of mind as they are tested for system security and the safety of the users.

Secure by design

Windows 11 iso is completely secure by design. The new technologies of built-in security add protection to every component of the system. With the enhanced security, you will experience a high level of productivity and system performance. All in all, Windows 11 is a Zero Trust-ready OS that protects data and provides access across all devices.

Microsoft worked closely with its silicon partners and OEM to bring up the security baselines. The revamped security structure ensures that Windows 11 meets the current needs of increasing threats in the new realm of digital and hybrid work.

Windows 11 – System Requirement

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz or System on a Chip (SoC)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HardDisk: Storage 64 GB or more storage
System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPM Trusted Platform Module (TPM): version 2.0
Graphics card: DirectX 12/ WDDM 2.x
Display: Greater than 9 inches with HD resolution (720p)
Internet connection: Required for Windows 11 Setup
Cortana: Microphone & Speaker
Intelligent Video Conferencing: Video camera
Voice Typing: Require microphone

Windows 11 – Technical details & free download

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Windows 11 Free Download


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