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Windows 20H1 is the feature update that is released by Microsoft for its operating system Windows 10. As it can be presumed from the name 20H1 that the feature update will hit the market in the first half of 2020. This major feature update of Windows 10’s is currently under development and testing with insiders but it is most likely to appear for installation in the spring of the coming year. It’s Codename  ’20H1′, this upcoming release is currently in testing with Insiders, and is expected to ship sometime in the spring of 2020.

The upcoming update will mainly deal with the working platform and performance of the current operating system Windows 10. Following new features along with many more will be updated and integrated with the upcoming version of Windows 10. One of the basic updates is that the keyboard will feature 39 more languages powered by SwiftKey technologies. Improvements in IME (Input Method Editor) are being done for simple Chinese and Japanese languages while dictation tends to support 12 more languages. Dictation features with additional languages can be used in more places because of the integration of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and more languages.

Ink Workspace is expected to be smaller with straight access to Whiteboard and disk type will be visible within the Task Manager. Settings will have a new account header. The narrator is made more efficient in terms of reading tables. Information of the Header will not be repeated again and again during the navigation of the same row or column. Getting in and out of tables will be less effusive. A new command is added in the Narrator to give a summary of the webpage outlining hyperlinks, headings, and landmarks. The narrator will also be able to tell the title of the linking page by pressing the buttons of caps, ctrl, and D simultaneously. Windows Magnifier will keep the text cursor in the center of the screen in the upcoming version making it easier for the users to keep typing without getting distracted by the cursor.

Besides the above upgradations, there are some new integrations in features as well such as Windows Sandbox. It is the new feature of 20H1 which will enable the users to test downloads and programs without affecting the regular Windows environment. This feature is about to get better with the addition of the configuration files. This allows users to configure various aspects of Windows sandbox such as custom configuration that can be set for networking and shared folders. One more new feature that is being tested by Microsoft is integrating hotkeys in the Sandbox during the full-screen mode of Windows. Microsoft is improving the method of reports as well that Sandbox displays in case of a problem. The dialog box of error will now include error code along with a link to Feedback Hub. Last but not least, Microsoft is about to enable the microphone in Sandbox to enhance several scenarios of accessibility.

In the new Windows 10 20H1, an emoji panel will be displayed on pressing the WIN+ period or WIN+ semicolon. Furthermore, keywords are associated with every emoji so they can be easily searched, for instance, keywords such as ballet shoes, sloth, otter, waffle, and more. In case Windows shutdowns and restarts automatically, the unsaved file on the Notepad will be automatically restored.

Microsoft is bringing various upgradations in your phone apps as well in 20H1. Microsoft will expand the screen mirroring feature of the Phone. More models are phone is supported with the new Windows 10 20H1 such as OnePlus 6 and 6T, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+, Note 8, and 9. Microsoft is also looking forward to boosting the productivity and focus of its users by letting them access and view the notifications coming on phone notifications on their Personal Computer stems. For instance, if the user will dismiss some notification on one face or device, it will go away on another. Moreover, these notifications did not just appear afterward on the PC but users will be able to see it in real-time. Users will also be able to customize and opt for which notifications they want to receive and which types of notifications they did need to see on their PCs. Users can clear all the notifications at once or can do it individually.

Microsoft will remove Friendly Dates in Windows 10. However, it is likely that this feature return in the future at some point. Friendly Dates in conversational format is a characteristic that Microsoft tested in the earlier version of Windows 10 where the file dates were displayed in a “conversational format” for example, “minutes ago”, Hours ago, “yesterday”, etc.

Microsoft has brought forward a future that was hidden before and which will enable predictive typing in the upcoming version of Windows 10 20H1 builds. Improvements in Task Manager will enable the users to see the Disk type in the performance tab of Task Manager so users can finally acknowledge that whether their PCs have HDD storage or SSD one. Microsoft will also introduce a new icon of OneDrive that will support both light and dark themes. Microsoft realizes that limiting the download speed of Windows Update against a proportion of accessible bandwidth is not easy or instrumental enough therefore, Microsoft is incorporating an alternative to limit Windows Update of PCs by absolute value.


  • File Explorer will be with a new search user interface powered by the latest system of “Windows Search.
  • Addition of new languages to support IME and keyboard.
  • Improved accessibility.
  • New Windows Sandbox to test downloads and programs.
  • Upgraded bug fixes.
  • Emoji 12.0 update.
  • Improved notepads.
  • Improved phone apps.
  • Friendly Dates from Explorer removed.
  • Predictive Typing.
  • New OneDrive icon.
  • Windows Update improvements.
  • Accessibility of phone notifications on a personal computer.
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