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Visual Studio 2019 has come in the access on 2nd April, quite recent though!. The new version has brought changing in three categories which can be titled as Develop, Collaborate and Debug. To develop better functioning in a short time, the latest version ensures major improvements in searching. Quick Launch is now giving more fast and effective experience to the users. The better results dynamically come up when the users type something. It also provides with fuzzy search logic to find exactly what is needed. Visual Studio 2019 has been added with many refactoring which let the user wrap method parameters. New C# refactoring organizes the code effortlessly. For taking actions of refactoring, Ctrl+ is to be pressed. An extension, called Visual Studio IntelliCode is helpful in enhancing the software development efforts as it uses artificial intelligence (AI). IntelliCode can help to improve the level of productivity.

It delivers context-aware code completions and guides the users to have the best patterns and styles for the team. It helps to find difficult-to-catch code issues and focuses code reviews by taking the user’s attention in the right direction. Initially, Visual Studio supported only C# and presently, it has been added support for C++ and XAML too. The latest version has a new document health indicator which can be referred to an innovative code cleanup command. The user can manage the warnings and suggestions by this command in just one clicking. Any code suggested by current settings, editing config files, or Roslyn analyzer will be fixed and the previous one will be formatted by this cleanup. Visual Studio 2019 assures team collaboration to solve issues in a better way. Visual Studio Live Share is an adorable developer service which enables the users to share a code base and it’s setting with a colleague and get bidirectional coordination from inside Visual Studio on the spot. With Live Share, a partner can peruse, explore, alter, and debug the specific project that the user has sent to him, and can do this consistently and safely. Furthermore, with Visual Studio 2019, this service is pre-installed.

The new version is introducing a useful extension that can be downloaded to utilize with Visual Studio 2019. This extension enables the user to audit, run, and even debug the pull requests from the team without leaving Visual Studio. It supports code in both GitHub and Azure DevOps stores. To begin presently, download the Pull Requests for Visual Studio extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace. To debug, Visual Studio has taken the once-exclusive C++ data breakpoints and caught them for .NET Core applications. In case, the user is coding in C++ or .NET Core, data breakpoints appear to be a good alternative of regular breakpoints. Data breakpoints also help in such conditions when it is necessary to find where a global object is currently being optimized, linked or removed from a list.

If the user is a C++ developer who uses to develop big applications, Visual Studio 2019 is here to make symbols out of proccing and this act allows the user to debug those big applications without facing issues related to memory. The user is likely been there before while, looking in the Watch window for a string among the list of values. In Visual Studio 2019, it has been included in the Watch, Locals, and Autos windows to enable you to discover the items and qualities which are searching for. The user can likewise design how a value is shown inside the Watch, Locals, and Autos windows. Double tap one of the things in any of the windows and add a comma ‘,’ to get a drop-down list of possible arrangement specifiers. Each incorporates a depiction of its impact.

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