Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 for developers in July 2015 which enables us to design apps multi-platform for iOS, Windows, Android, and others using only one IDE. Visual Studio 2015 is not just an updated version of its predecessors but it includes very rich and advanced features to develop websites, apps, and web services of all types.

Visual Studio 2015 – Review

With its refined code editing, the ability for multi-platform debugging and coding, built-in Git support, And more than 10k extensions, Visual studio 2015 is something that is a treasure for developers in their advanced web and app development processes. You can read about the vs express 2015 a free version of visual studio 2015, that is best suitable for the visual studio for students.

Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 – Features

Microsoft development platforms

Visual Studio 2015 uses various development platforms by Microsoft such as Windows Forms, API, Store, Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight.

Coding abilities

It has the ability to create native and managed code both. Version 2015 possesses a code editor with support for IntelliSense and code refactoring.

Debugging abilities

The integrated debugger has not only the ability to function as a source-level debugger but it can work as a machine-level debugger as well.

Support many languages

Visual Studio 2015 supports 36 programming languages that allow debuggers and code editors to support almost all the programming languages if a language-specific service is there. The 2015 version includes a wide range of built-in languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, C++/CLI, JavaScript, .NET, C#, F#, XML, TypeScript, XSLT, CSS and HTML. It supports other languages as well including Python, M, Ruby, and Node.js, among many others that are available through plug-ins.

Edit and continue

Visual Studio 2015 includes a debugger that supports the function of Edit and Continues. It means that it edits the code while it is being debugged. While debugging, if your pointer hovers over a variable then its value will be displayed on a tooltip where you can modify it as well.

Open Tabs Browser

You can use the feature of open tabs browser list all the opened tabs so you can switch around them on the list. This feature can be invoked by simultaneously pressing CTRL+TAB.

Properties Editor

This is a feature that can be used to edit the properties in the pane of Visual studio 2015 GUI. It lists every available property for every object including classes, web pages, forms, and many other items.

Object Browser

Object Browser is basically a namespace along with the class library browser for the Microsoft .NET. You can browse the hierarchically arranged namespaces through this feature in managed assemblies.

Solution Explorer

In the 2015 version’s parlance, a set of resources such as code files are used to build applications that are referred to as a solution. Files in a solution can be seen as arranged in a hierarchy which is reflected organization of the file system but not always. Solution Explorer can be used to browse and manage these files in a solution.

Team Explorer

This feature integrates the operations of Azure DevOps into IDE. Along with the integration of version control, it also provides an ability to manage and view separate work items such as bugs, user stories, tasks, and many other documents. This is a part of the installation of Visual Studio 2015 but can be also acquired as a separate download.

Data Explorer

The databases on the Microsoft SQL Server instances can be managed by the feature of Data explorer.  It enables you to create and alter database tables by giving  T-SQL commands and through Data designers as well. You can also create stored procedures and queries through Data explorer with a designer in T-SQL and also in managed code through SQL CLR.

Server Explorer

The feature of Server Explorer enables you to manage the database connections on any accessible computer. You can also use this tool to browse the Windows Services that are running at the time. Moreover, you can also browse It is also used to browse, Windows Event Log, performance counters, and message queues and can then use them as data sources.

Visual Studio 2015 – System Requirement

Operating System: Windows 11, 10, Windows 7
Hard Disk: 50 GB (Free Space)
RAM: 4 GB (Minimum)

Visual Studio 2015 – Technical Detail

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