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TeamViewer 15 is a very popular program with which you can access and control your devices from remote locations across the internet. You can also use TeamViewer to control the devices where the app is installed and active. With version 10 of TeamViewer, the developers have extended the program with more efficient contact management, which enables the users to find nearby systems more easily. You may like to visit the official website.

TeamViewer 15 – Review

The Bottom Line is that either you are looking for a simple solution to communicate with your colleagues and employees or you are looking to access your work or home computer system from a remote location, or you want to provide software services to a computer from a remote location, TeamViewer 15 with its enhanced features is there to empower you to do all these things.

The best part which increases the number of people who are downloading TeamViewer 15 is that the app is completely free of cost. You can even keep it for emergency situations as you have nothing to lose. All in all, TeamViewer 15 is a simple yet fast and user-friendly solution for those who require the ability to access computers from remote locations across the internet and bring all apps on one affordable module. You may like to download the TeamViewer latest version.

TeamViewer 15 – Features


With this app, you can access the content of a computer that has TeamViewer installed on it but due to technical problems, it cannot be logged on. With the help of TeamViewer, you can log on and troubleshoot such systems from remote locations even through very powerful firewalls. It also enables you to find nearby systems automatically. It also has the ability to launch video calls in just a click and it also adds a profile picture that gives a personal touch to your activities. Another way in which TeamViewer 15 can be utilized is through training sessions and conferences. With TeamViewer, you can display your desktop, screens, presentations, files, etc. with people on the internet during a tram session.

No Installation

The very unique and good thing about a powerful app like TeamViewer 15 is that you don’t need to go through a monotonous installation process to acquire this app as it doesn’t need to be installed to run on the host systems. All that needs to be done is that systems that are being accessed and the system from where you are establishing the access should have TeamViewer running on them.   After that, nothing can stop you from having remote access to your target system.

Transfers file

TeamViewer 15 is integrated with a file transfer mechanism that enables you to copy not only files but complete folders to and fro the system through remote access. This is a very useful feature of the app.

Reach through firewalls

With other apps that are used for remote access, the biggest hurdles come in the form of block ports, firewalls, and NAT routing for the local IP addresses. But TeamViewer surpasses all such hurdles and let you reach the target system from a remote location smoothly and efficiently

High standard security

TeamViewer 15 is a solution for users which is very safe to use due to the high standard of security measures incorporated in the app. The feature of highly secure data channels along with RC4 session encoding and key exchange makes it a safe and sound app to use for remote access.

High performance

TeamViewer 15 is an ideal design to work for connections over the internet and LAN.  The features of automatic bandwidth-based quality selection make it ideal to be used on all types of connections.


TeamViewer 15 like its predecessors enables you to host the components that you want to set up between the client which enables you to access the remote computer and the server which enables you to be accessed remotely by another computer. Additional components entail a remote printer with TeamViewer, VPN, and Meeting add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

TeamViewer 15 – Technical Details

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Version: 10
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Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
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