Tails 1.3 ISO Free Download

Tails 1.3 ISO Free Download is a live operating system brought forward by Linux OS. The main focus of this OS is internet privacy and secrecy. It offers its users to browse safely over the internet with the upgrade of the new browser Mozilla Thunderbird. Tails 1.3 is an open-source installation that is built on Tor as well as Debian GNU/Linux technologies and only supports 32-bit architecture. With the help of Tor, Tail make its safe browsing possible as all the browsed internet searches are encrypted into the Tor and to retrieve themĀ use an open-source and advanced cryptographic software. Tor also makes sure that other than the internet browser all other application’s traffic also passes through it so there is no chance of leaking any information.

It also provides a favorable environment to SD card, CD/DVD drives as well as USB drives which let no traces of any activity left on the desktop’s hard drive. The upgrade also provides two ideal options to function, one is the Live environment mode with default setting and the other is the failsafe mode. The default settings of the live environment contain applications like Iceweasel web browser, Pidgin IM, OpenOffice, Liferea feed reader, GIMP image editor, and PiTiVi video editor, etc. The Tail is an open-source operating system. It works live from the USB after installation. The main aim of this Operating System is to secure your data. Make sure that your searches are secure and keep you untrackable.

Every internet requests go through the tor network that makes sure the privacy of your identity. Also, it is using the cryptographic tool that encrypts the data file of emails, and other files and then send to others which make sure the privacy protection of personal data. The latest update was released on August 2017. This is built on the Debian operating system. It is free software, anyone can use it free of cost. The source of support to maintain privacy protection and development are the donations. It has documentation that helps the usage of the operating system.

Tails 1.3 ISO Features

  • State-of-the-art cryptographic tools encrypt all of the data and make sure that is will secure.
  • Use anywhere but leave no trace is another great feature that allows you to use the live operating system from USB on any computer system.
  • Online anonymity and censorship circumvention that protects you by using the tor browser and keep your identity secure and safe.
  • Upgrade of Tor browser.
  • Open-source Linux distribution.
  • Two booting options also.
  • Encrypt all your internet communication via the Tor network also.
  • Contains well-known Linux applications like Iceweasel web browser, OpenOffice and GIMP image editor etc also.
Title: Tails 1.3 ISO Free Download
Added OnJuly 10, 2016 4:52 pm
Updated OnOctober 1, 2019 12:35 pm
Version: 1.3
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Tails
Developers:Tails Inc
File Name: tails-i386-1.3.2.iso
File Size: 909.93 MB

Tails 1.3 ISO Free Download 32/64bit

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