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There are many types of software in the market which are used to edit documents, but they all have some more or fewer problems. So, it needs to present such unique software which can perform all editing steps without any loss or damages. Sad Cat Software Bloom is a fast and smart image editor. It is the first non-destructive editor software. Every act, effect, brush movement or vector edit you apply is stored separately, and nothing is baked. It lets you move back to anything you have done in the past and adjust it, without revising all of the subsequent work. Even brush movements are editable after you have drawn them.

It was initially released on April 29, 2015; 16 months ago. Originally, it was named Ormr but later on (January 29, 2016), it was changed and retrieved to Bloom for easier pronunciation because Ormr was quite tough to pronounce. Its full name is Sad Cat Software Bloom 1.0.467.Its latest version released on 01st Sep 2016. It works with Adobe Photoshop PSD files with layers and data in the best way than other apps. Also, It does all steps on Adobe Photoshop PSD file and not leave incomplete like other editing apps. It is an ideal vector and image editing software with no data loss.

Most people especially designers spend a significant amount of time to move from an original sketch to end result. Sad Cat Software Bloom 1.0.467 helps designers revisit and adjust their actions, to make the process easier and more sufficient. It saves a lot of time within just a few clicks and aside undoes and redo pain. It’s also becoming a market need now. It is a significant and modern image processing application which has got a distinguished line of editing tools.

Nowadays document and especially image editing have become a need and habit. So, the availability of image editing tools is being more necessary day by day. Due to short of time, it needs to choose an image editing tool that is fastest, sufficient and fulfills all requirements easily. It has the criteria which work with various layers to provide you the non-destructive processing solution.

It has also brushes, drawing tools, and selection tools as well as slider tools and vector tools by which we can adjust the parameters. We can also use the numerical values for adjusting the parameters. It has got a wide range and you can work on any project very easily. Sad Cat Software Bloom 1.0.467 is currently in a Beta-testing stage, and is not a finished product yet, although most features are complete.

Sad Cat Software Bloom Features

  • Fast and smart image editor.
  • Completely offline installation.
  • Significant and modern image processing application.
  • Has a distinguished line of editing tools.
  • Availability of brushes, drawing tools, and selection tools etc also.
  • The existence of slider tools for adjusting the parameters.
  • Having vector tools for high-quality projects also.
  • Working ability with PSD files with layers and data.
  • Wide range, Easy work on any project easily also.
Title: Sad Cat Software Bloom
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License Type: Paid
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Vista and XP
Developers:Bloom Inc
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