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Opera 62.0.3331.18

Opera 62.0.3331.18Opera 62.0.3331.18 browser is a very well known and legendary web browser which is available in various updated versions for a number of operating systems and devices It is supported on Google Chromium system where it utilizes the platform and open-source program of Google Chrome but does a minor modification to in order to run its own features. The source code of the Opera web browser is open for the users as well so the users who have got knowledge of programming can customize and enhance it with interesting features and operative tools.

Opera runs with a sleek interface and is slightly different than the other browsers. Once the user gets the hang of it then its layout becomes very interesting to work on. A sidebar on the layout is provided where users can pin their preferred websites, chat windows, email service provider and settings that they frequently use so the pin-ups can be accessed just in a click. However, if a user wants to work with typical toolbars and menus then he or she can easily hide the sidebar. Opera also sports bookmarking that can be accessed in single click and tab stacks which enables the users to drag and drop the opened tabs to arrange them according to their liking.

The address of opera also functions as the search bar so users don’t need to open a search engine in order to quest the World Wide Web. Users are empowered to use voice commands to make their searches and to navigate the internet. Moreover, Opera can be synced across all the devices including desktops, Androids, and tablets on which users use this on. This way users can access their setting, passwords and other valuables on the browser history in any of their devices.

Opera web browser has it’s own security features that monitor and scrutinize the websites for possible pushing schemes, malware and other viruses. These features are effective from the tomato when the user adjust their security settings. However, users are recommended to use additional antivirus software to ensure their online security and privacy. It would be easier for opera users because Opera is capable of working with third-party extensions and will not have any problem while working with an additional antivirus program. The browser has other very effective security tools as well including automatic blocker for unnecessary pop-ups.

These tools activate as soon as the program is installed on the system. The advance encryption enables the users to erase all data that they want to keep private including the cookies of privately visited websites along with the browsing history. Opera is a fast web browser which is evident by its quick launch of any web page. Its average loading time for a web page is around 4.5 seconds. Moreover, it is a lightweight app and doesn’t take much storage space of the host system. Its file size is comparatively smaller than the other web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

All in all, Opera can be considered as a very good option for those who want to work on the same browser on all their devices because of its syncing ability. The smart design of the program, easy to use tools, better security options, fast speed, quick access to settings, one-click access to favorite websites on sidebar make it a good choice for users of all the operating systems and devices.


  • Open source and has an open-source code for programmer users.
  • Sleek and unique interface.
  • Syncs across all the devices on which the user operates opera browsing.
  • Capable of working with third-party extensions.
  • Have it’s own security features to monitor malware and phishing schemes on websites.
  • Automatic pop up blocker.
  • Advance encryption for complete privacy.
  • Download manager.
  • Customizable themes.
  • Extensions.
  • Speed dial.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Discover provides fresh news content.
  • Fast loading time.
  • Small file size.
Title: Opera 62.0.3331.18
Added OnJuly 18, 2019 3:12 am
Updated OnSeptember 19, 2019 6:54 am
Version: 62.0.3331.18
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
File Name: Opera_62.0.3331.72_Setup.exe
File Size: 52.6 MB

Opera 62.0.3331.18 Free Download 32/64bit

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