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Notepad++ 8.2

Notepad++ 8.2 is a source code editor that supports a wide range of languages and can be acquired free of cost under GPL (General Public Licence). It was initially released around the end of the year 2003 to run in the environment of Microsoft Windows. It is written in C++ but is compatible with a wide range of programming languages including C-Sharp, C, C++, YAML, SQL, Lisp, Shell, Lua, TCL XML, Flash, and many more. You can visit the official link for all version listing with a proper download link.

Notepad++ 8.2 – Review

It comes by default with every Microsoft Windows OS. However, the default Notepad++ does not sport that many features.  For instance, Writing HTML code does not mean which text and which HTML code. So in September 2003, Don Ho developed Notepad++. Since then  Notepad++ is constantly going through evolution and enhancement in each of its updates. The 2020 version is laced with various enhanced and added features. Some of the usefulness of the app is mentioned in the article. The alternative development tool to Notepadd++ is Sublime Text 3.

Notepad++ 8.2 – Features


It is written in C++ and is based on Scintilla which is a very powerful editing component. The programs have a very small size and are executed with speed and smoothness because it purely uses Win32 API and STL. It optimizes a wide range of routines without compromising its user-friendly atmosphere. The program has a broad array of useful features and technologies which makes it great to work with large text files.


It can be conveniently considered an environmentally friendly product as it uses less CPU power and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. The lower CPU power empowers the host PC to throttle down and decrease the power consumption to contribute to a greener environment.


Notepad++ 8.2 has the ability to replace the standard program of Notepad efficiently. It can although be used for editing and creating simple text-based files, but the program can be used for the editing and creation of source code as well. It basically was developed as a small and simple editor that enables the users to edit and write in a number of different programming languages.


There is a wide array of updates and plugins that have been released to improve and add to it.  The program supports plugins and macros but it is particularly known for the strong plugin architecture which allows numerous features to get incorporated into Notepad++ 8.2. With the release of 2019, more than 140 plugins are designed that are highly compatible. The very first plugin that was included in Notepad++ was “TextFX”, comprising text sorting, validation of W3C for HTML and CSS, quote handling, and character case alteration.


Notepad++ 8.2 provides support to the notion of internationalization via XML file in a format that is application-specific and contains all internationalized strings such as menu titles, items, and dialog captions in a particular language. This file is capable of being reloaded from the settings of the application. This is why translations to newer languages can be done simply by editing an existing file.

Easter eggs

Notepad++ 8.2 treats the users with a variety of Easter eggs. On pressing F1  or opening About dialogue when the current selection of text contains the name of a certain personality then a new document opens and the quote from that person is entered through simulated typing. The names that stimulate Easter eggs include Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates, Space invaders Brian Kernighan, Darth Vader, and Barack Obama. On the other hand, selecting text “ random” results in a random display of quotes.

Graphic User interface

The GUI of Notepad++ 8.2 can be customized completely. It is organized with the tab of the close button, multi-line tabs, vertical document list, vertical tab, and document map.


Other prominent features of Notepad++ 8.2 are Syntax Highlighting and Folding, User Defined Highlighting and Folding and PCRE i-e Perl Compatible Regular Expression.  Auto-completion of words, functions, facility of function parameter hints, Multi-View, zoom in and out, WYSIWYG (Printing), Bookmark, support for Multi-Language environment, Macro recording along with playback are some other perks of the Previous version.

Enhanced coding tools

The coding tools of Notepad++ are enhanced in est possible way and are ideal to edit code written in Java, C++, HTML, etc. The basic written coding is done in C++. The programming also utilizes severe STL and pure Win32 API which ensures a higher speed of execution to get a smaller program size for continuation.

Creates HTML Code For Website

Users who want this developer tool for web development and they prefer to use HTML language for this kind of coding. They can Use Don Ho’s off-source coding program and write HTML code quickly and easily.

Creates CSS Code For Website

It simplified the CSS coding as well. If users are working on web development or design, then this program is most suitable for them.

Free of Cost

The Notepad++ is freeware like its predecessors. It does not pose limits for being free and presents itself as free software for all developers out there. It is one of the very few tools that fall under the category of Developer and Text Editor both and can be downloaded free of cost.  Notepad++ is an app replacement that supports several languages. It runs in an MS Windows environment. The use of this software is authorized with GPL Licence.


The feature of automatic completion in terms of Word and function along with Function parameters hint makes it very easy and time-saving for users to complete their coding and text editing on Notepad++.

Extensive support

It provides support to multiple functions such as bookmark, syntax folding and highlighting, and many more functions that a developer and text editor may require in a free program.

Record and replay

There is a very beneficial and another time and effort-saving feature in Notepade++. This feature records the process and replay when needed. This way users do not have to write a code again and again if it is needed in some other place as well.

Light and small

Notepad++ is created based on a great editing element named Scintilla. It is based on C++ and runs clean practices clean. The Win32 API plus STL confirms and ensures great performance and that also with maximum speed and small program size.

Notepad++ 8.2 – Technical Details

Title: Notepad++ 8.2
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Version: 8.2
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, & 7
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Notepad++ 8.2 Free Download

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