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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a cloud-based web browser with a cutting-edge system that works in a smooth flow to provide users with a continuous experience of browsing. The browser sports many useful tools including screen capture, resource sniffer, cloud function, and night mode.

Maxthon Cloud Browser – Review

Maxthon represents a stare of the art web browsing, with everything that a user wants in a web browser. Maxthon Cloud Browser is a portable program and therefore doesn’t require the process of installation. Also, the entries for the Windows registry remain unchanged. The software can also be placed on external devices like a USB drive and it will run smoothly from there as well as it does from the system hard disk. You can download the latest version of Maxthon 6 from the official website. You can download Internet Download Manager for Maxthon.

Maxthon Cloud Browser – Features

User Interface

Maxthon features a customizable user interface and it is very simple and easy to use and navigate. A default panel on the left side of the layout provides access to the manual, download manager, list of favorite or frequently used websites, online notepad, and feed reader. However, you can customize and move anything from here to there according to your convenience on the interface. Moreover, you can also create your own account with Maxthon Passport with which you will be able to encrypt the storage and sync your favorites. In addition, the user interface can be switched to night mode which will protect your eyes against the effects that can harm your eyes while you are using the computer and surfing the World Wide Web at night time.

Multiple functions

In the menu of this web browser, you can perform many functions such as begin a private session, switch to split-screen, save a quick app or image of the webpage, change skin, lock Maxthon through Passport account export and import the user data or even completely customize the user interface as per your liking. Maxthon runs on Ultra Mode by default which empowers you to browse the internet effortlessly. However, a user can switch Ultra mode to Retro Mode so that unsupported older web pages can be loaded by newer standards. Furthermore, an entire web page or the selected text on a page can be easily translated into your preferred language.

Bookmark & Groups

A feature Magic fill is there that automatically fills the forms. Users can also set up the bookmark groups that can open at startup. Resource Sniffer can be used o detect and then download contents including audio, video, and images from a chosen website. Mouse gestures, short keys, and URL alias are the easy and short ways given to you for operating the software. Another quick way to handle the movement of tabs and other things is Super Drag and Drop. Recently closed tabs can be easily opened with a simple click.

Web sessions

The good thing is Maxthon is not bound to run in one device ecosystem only or in a single operating system. It is capable of moving all kinds of files, data web information of web sessions from one browser to another as it is not confined by a single cloud set or devices. This web browser blocks harmful images, pop-ups, and ads due to built-in ad hunters. The Filter packs also keep the offensive Web pages from harming your system. There are over 1,400 plug-ins currently available to accompany Maxthon Cloud Browser.

Maxthon Cloud Browser – Brief Features

  • Customizable interface.
  • Useful tools including screen capture, resource sniffer, cloud function, and night mode.
  • Portable software.
  • An account can be created with Maxthon Passport to encrypt storage and sync favorites.
  • Default Ultra mode can be switched to Retro mode.
  • Magic fills to auto-fill the forms.
  • Mouse gestures, short keys, and URL alias are given the easy and short ways given to you for operating the software.
  • Drag and drop option.
  • Built-in add hunter.
  • Over 1400 plugins are available.
  • Cloud syncing and Cloud push.
  • Filter pack keeps out offensive web pages.

Maxthon Cloud Browser – Technical Details

Title: Maxthon Cloud Browser
Added OnJuly 25, 2021 4:07 pm
Updated OnNovember 7, 2021 4:58 pm
Category: Operating Systems
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, & 10.
Developers:Maxthon Inc.
File Name: mx5.2.7.5000.exe
File Size: 55.08 MB

Maxthon Cloud Browser Free Download 32/64bit

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