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Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer is a chain of graphical internet browsers which as of 2019 is also the new “compatibility solution” by Microsoft. It was developed by the popular Microsoft and was started in 1995 as a part included in the line of Microsoft Windows operating systems. Later own more versions came j market in the form of free downloads or as the part of service packs. The latest versions of Internet Explorer are considered as a new edition of a great and one of the most web browser of Microsoft family. The latest version of Microsoft internet explorer is built on the success of its predecessors and sports new features, new look, and high hopes to dominate the market.

The first thing that comes in the notice of users is the overhauled user interface. The new-look takes full advantage of the transparent graphics that are the hallmark of Windows 7 and the latest editions of Vista. Internet Explorer 9 onwards looks sleek, easy to use, simpler and smart than it was ever before. In newer versions of Internet Explorer, Search bar and Address bar have been incorporated with each other to provide a simpler and smoother web browsing experience to the users. Along with the other new and better features, enhanced integration with Microsoft Windows operating system is also included in the explorer. A truly high profile security system is another enhancement of internet explorer. The new versions enable the users to pin favorite or often used websites to Superbar which allows quick access to them when required. The internet explorer also allows the users to bookmark their favorite websites in the form of ‘applications’ in their operating system. The new feature of performance Advisor for add on points out the add-ons that slow the function of Internet Explorer. This is a feature that outstands internet explorer from many other popular web browsers.

Internet Explorer has increased its efficiency in terms of performance and speed too. It has also improved its compliance with the latest technologies and web standards. The new internet explorer features good support for HTML 5 because the new generation of websites that are rich with media contents use HTML 5 language. New features such as InPrivate filter and hang recovery gives the users of Internet Explorer a more stable and safer web browsing experience than many other known browsers.

Internet Explorer is designed to surf and enjoy a wide array of web pages and has the ability to provide certain features within the operating system of the host computer. Internet Explorer has now introduced a range of proprietary extensions for various standards including DOM, HTML, and CSS. This resulted in the ability to browse many web pages that otherwise appear broken in other standard web browsers. it has also introduced the required for “quirks mode” which allows rendering inappropriate elements that are meant for Internet Explorer in other web browsers. In nutshell, the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is available with faster speed, prettier looks and improved performance than its predecessors. All this makes it a very big competition for its rival web browsers.


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • The sleek, smart and simple user interface makes most of the transparent graphic style of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Merged search bar and address bar for easier usage.
  • Enhanced integration with MS Windows OS.
  • High profile security tools.
  • Super bar to pin favorite websites for quick access.
  • Enables websites to be bookmarked as applications in the operating system.
  • Features Performance advisor adds on to identify the add-ons that slow down the internet explorer.
  • Enhanced speed, performance, and compliance with new technologies and web standards.
  • Supports HTML 5 which is excellent to browse media oil-rich websites.
  • Adorned with new features of InPrivater filter and hang recovery.
  • introduced proprietary extensions including DOM, HTML, and CSS to support web pages that appear broken in other web browsers.
Title: Internet Explorer 11
Added OnJuly 16, 2019 3:17 am
Updated OnSeptember 29, 2019 1:14 am
Version: 11
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
Developers:Microsoft Inc.
File Name: eie11_en-us_wol_win732.exe, eie11_en-us_wol_win764.exe
File Size: 55.73 MB, 30.75 MB, 30.75 MB

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