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Are you searching completely free data recovery freeware to get deleted or lost documents, photos, movies and files from computer partitions, hard disks, USB drives or camera or phone Micro SD or SD memory cards? OK! No worry! iCare Data Recovery Free is absolutely what you are looking for and is able to help you retrieve messages, audios, videos, documents, Emails, games, programs, archive files, photos and more prevailed files from hard drives or memory cards on your Windows PC.

And here are some key features of this data recovery freeware for you:

  1. Offer an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface
  2. Allow users to recover unlimited data for free indeed of previous 1GB free data recovery.
  3. Offer two data recovery modes, Deleted File Recovery, and Advanced File Recovery modes, to cope with most data loss situations.
  4. Support nearly all widely-used storage devices with different brands and capacity, like USB hard drive, SSD, flash drive, Micro SD, SDXC, SDHX, Mini SD, CF, TF memory card, memory stick and more.
  5. Support all prevailed Windows OS environments.

Overall, it is really workable in retrieving information back from your storage devices under different data loss circumstances. And it is also safe and easy to grasp. So, if you do have any data loss trouble now, it could be a promising chance for you to have a successful data recovery.

Deleted File Recovery Mode to Rescue Files Deleted or Emptied from Recycle Bin

You do have accidentally deleted some important files and folders on your PC with shift delete, or on your digital camera or android cell phone? Or you do have mistakenly emptied computer Recycle Bin to wipe something crucial? No panic! Download iCare Data Recovery Free and apply its Deleted File Recovery mode to retrieve files and folders deleted back.

Advanced File Recovery Mode to Retrieve Most of Hard Drive or SD Memory Card Data Loss Troubles

When you unintentionally format or reformat hard drive or memory card and lose many useful images, videos, documents, games, messages or the like files, when you do get an inaccessible hard drive or SD memory card file issues due to not formatted errors or RAW file system errors, when your Windows is not able to completely format your drive or storage card or when your hard drive or memory card contents cannot be used due to virus attack, hard drive corrupted or computer crashing, this iCare data recovery freeware is able to help you take all possible files back. Merely select Advanced File Recovery mode and patiently scan it to go on.

Features of iCare Data Recovery Free Download

And, honestly, there is another more professional data recovery program called iCare Data Recovery Pro with more features produced and provided by the same data recovery company. With this iCare Data Recovery Pro, you can always enjoy a Deep scan Recovery there and recover much more important original data back.

And here are some key features for you:

  • Lost Partition Recovery mode to cope with deleted, formatted, inaccessible and corrupted partition data loss troubles.
  • Deep Scan Recovery mode to deal with all data loss troubles caused by delete, format, virus, corruption, power loss and more.
  • Offer a trial version to help recover 20MB of lost data for free so that every user can do a free evaluation before any purchase.
Title: iCare Data Recovery
Added OnMarch 25, 2017 5:02 am
Updated OnNovember 9, 2019 1:52 am
Version: latest
Category: Adobe Photoshop
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, and XP
Developers:iCare Recovery by iCareAll Inc
File Name: icarepro.exe
File Size: 4.07 MB

iCare Data Recovery Free Download 32/64bit

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