GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11

GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11 download for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, & 7. This application is useful for data privacy, folder shredding, & protecting files or folders with passwords. It is fast, reliable, and user-friendly, therefore, it is one of the best options for those who value their privacy.

GiliSoft Privacy Protector – Review

All in all, GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11 with the ability to hide, delete, lock, and secure data, files, and folders, the application also cleans the history of not only the browser but also of the programs that are installed on the host computer. This capability of the app works on every kind of history whether it is of Internet browsing or Windows history. The privacy tools clean up everything so none can track the whereabouts of users on the internet afterward.

GiliSoft Privacy Protector – Features

Clean up browsing history.

GiliSoft Privacy Protector is a complete suite that is designed to hide and lock the files and folders, clean up your browsing history and other activities on the computer to provide high profile protection to your data and virtual life.

Shreds files and folders securely

The program empowers you to shred the files and folders securely and create private and hidden areas on the system where you can work with complete anonymity. GiliSoft Privacy Protector provides you with the facility to encrypt files on the computers so it is ensured that no unauthorized person can access them to pry in your personal and business affairs.

Easy to Use

GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11 features have a standard user interface with which you feel very familiar and therefore you will be able to easily navigate the app even with little knowledge of computer apps and programs.


The base window includes an array of privacy tools that you can access via a panel on the left side panel. The panel on the right side of the main window provides the details of files and folders that are secured by the app. The top toolbar contains a drop-down menu list under a range of tabs.

The first tab contains the main toolset under the heading of Protection. From there you are able to select the option of hiding Data, Erase history, Lock Data, Safe delete, Deny Write, create the private disk, or Change a Password. The other tabs change the settings for language and take you to the help section.

Hide files and folder

Overall, this Particular privacy suite uses powerful algorithms encryption to make sure that your data is safe and secure. It enables you to hide files, folders, and even the whole drive if the need arises. The user interface is simple and easy to use.


The app is very lightweight means it takes not many resources from the system or is placed in the hard drive of the host PC.

Password lock files and folders

The privacy protections of the software are based mainly on a password system, that is you will require a password to kick off the process of installation. But the flexibility is that this password can be changed anytime in the future according to your preference.

Create private disks

The functionality enables the users to create a secluded and private disk which gives more space and more privacy for users to work in where they can play with their secret data without any worry as no intruder can access your privacy. There is no constraint on users while they are working on these private drives and they can easily add and remove files from the drives in only a few clicks. This is possible because GiliSoft Privacy Protector is designed to support secure removal of data which enables the users to completely wipe out the files and folders that can be compromised. Users can even clean the whole drive completely in a very easy way with the help of GiliSoft Privacy Protector software.

GiliSoft Privacy Protector – Technical Details

Title: GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11
Added OnMarch 14, 2022 12:23 am
Updated OnMarch 14, 2022 2:14 pm
Version: 11
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Gilisoft Inc.
File Name: privacy-protector.exe
File Size: 3.84 MB

GiliSoft Privacy Protector 11 Free Download

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