VirtualBox 6.1.30

Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.1.30 is a tool that not only allows its users to run almost all the operating systems on their machines but also empowers them to switch between multiple operating systems simultaneously. VirtualBox is a general-purpose complete virtualize for AMD64/Intel64 x86 hardware targeted at the desktop, server, and embedded use. Virtual Box is extremely rich in features and it is one of the rare high-performance professional level products which is available for free as an Open Source software.

VirtualBox 6.1.30 – Review

It is a hypervisor, Type-2, or hosted hypervisor that means running a guest operating system on a real operating system. It runs as a separate process on a computer system. It is developed by sun oracle corporation. It is available for both 32bit and 64-bit architecture. What is Oracle VM VirtualBox used for you can read about it?

VirtualBox 6.1.30 – Features


The design is highly modular with a very well-defined client and server design along with internal programming interfaces.  Therefore, it is very easy to control from various interfaces at a time. For instance, users can start up a virtual machine in a typical VM GUI, and then from the command line or even from a remote location the user can control that machine.

The full software development kit

VirtualBox 6.1.30 comes with a fully loaded Software Development Kit which enables the users to write a new interface without requiring to hack the Open source to do so.

VM descriptions in XML

Virtual machine’s configuration settings are fully stored in XML and therefore the configuration doesn’t depend on the local machines. Moreover, this makes it possible to transport the VM definitions to other computers as well.

Guest Additions for Linux, Windows, and Solaris

VirtualBox comes with special software that has the ability to be installed inside Linux, Windows, and Solaris VMs which consequently leads to improved performance and seamless integration. The features provided with the Guest Additions entail arbitrary screen solutions such as resizing of the guest window and another feature i-e of mouse pointer integration. Guest Additions for OS/2 are also available but with a little bit less functionality.

Shared folders

VirtualBox 6.1.30 is a professional-level virtualization solution and like a y other high-profile software, it allows the declaration of certain host directories to simplify the exchange of data between guests and hosts. These host directories are considered “shared folders”, and users can access them from within the virtual machines.

Drag and Drop support

The drag and drop support is enhanced in the Oracle Virtual Machine Virtual Box. The drag and drop of data can be done very easily to and fro first and host OS. Moreover, this useful support is available with the latest guest additions that are installed.

Smooth integration with the native environment

It is very easy to integrate with the native environment in VirtualBox particularly with the option of “Shared folders”. Also, it is very simple to connect USB devices and moreover, VirtualBox 6.1.30 detects the new devices automatically and inquires if the user wants to utilize the device.

Disk image encryption

Virtual Box allows the encryption of virtual disk images. It does so by leveraging the AES algorithm in XTS mode of 128 and 256 bit both.  As DEK is stored as a part of the VM configuration file, a better feature is introduced by the encryption that asks for a password while starting up the VM.

Headless and Detachable start options

Virtual Box now provides supports to the VM start-up in the background with a separate front-end process which can be closed even when the virtual machine is still working.

Paravirtualization support to modern Linux and Windows guests

This Virtualization solution exposes a paravirtualization interface so an efficient and accurate execution of the software can be executed. The VirtualBox immediately enhances the performance of the guest OS once the VM platform is defined. It does so by leveraging built-in support for virtualization (Hyper-V on Windows guests and KVM on Linux guests and).

xHCI controller for USB 3.0 support

The Guest OS can now not only directly identify USB 3.0 devices but can also operate them at full the full speed of 3.0. All in all, If a user doesn’t want to spend on commercial solutions but requires an efficient virtual OS then VirtualBox is the exact right choice to acquire for utility.

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VirtualBox 6.1.30 – Technical Details

Title: VirtualBox 6.1.30
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Version: 6.1.30
Category: Development Tools
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 11, 10,8.1,7
Developers:VirtualBox Inc.
File Name: virtualbox-5.1.8-111374-osx.dmg
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VirtualBox 6.1.30 Free Download 32/64bit

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