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Brackets 2.0.1

Brackets can be conveniently encased in a nutshell that Brackets is an easy and pleasing tool to code with a user-friendly interface where users can easily navigate while the extensions provide a wide range of useful options. The features like Live Preview, Extension manager, and Inline editors are really helping tools. The good thing which is worth mentioning twice is that all these features are packed in a program that is very lightweight for the host computer and very easy to install.

Brackets 2.0.1 – Review

Brackets is a lightweight, fast-performing modern text editor. It provides the best visual effects of code writings. It is designed for front-end developers. It is built with javascript, as it is an open-source project to use and share without any license. The most important features are inline editors, live preview, and pre-processor support. The few most popular extensions are Git, Emmet, Beautify, Markdown Preview, File Icons, Indent Guides, Autoprefixer, W3C Validation, and many more. You can read more details of bracket 2.0.1 from the official website.

Brackets 2.0.1 – Features

Brackets 2.0.1 text editor

It refers to the open-source code editor which is designed to support working on CSD, JavaScript, and HTML, and subsequently, it has been built in the three mentioned languages as well. It is a text editor that has everything a user may need to work with directories and files and also to create new files.

The Brackets 2.0.1 is very lightweight and does not harmonize the host computer even a bit but this perk doesn’t let it compromise with the performance. The high-performing extensions that are released in an interval of every three to four weeks are regular perks of the app. Some of the powerful features that make it stands out among others are as follows.

Code completion

The feature of Code completion enables the users to assemble the apps at a fast speed without requiring to know the accurate syntax. If a user requires code options and assistance code syntax, then the option of Quick Edit option is provided to take help throughout the workload.

Extraction of Code Hints

An extension of Brackets 2.0.1 i-e The Extract enables the users to extract the design-related information from PSD. This information may include fonts, colors, gradients, and other measurement details and can be pulled out as minimal, clean CSS through contextual code hints. Users can extract layers as well in the form of images, can define preprocessor variables by using information from PSD, and can also get dimensions between the objects very easily.

Inline Editors

With this feature, users done have to jump between the file tabs. Instead, the program enables them to open a separate window into the code they prefer the most. The feature also empowers the users to see all the CSS selectors in an inline window so they can work on their code simultaneously without the distraction of pop-ups.

Live Preview

Users now can quite a real-time connection to their web browser through this feature of Brackets 2.0.1. They can make alterations in HTML and CSS and HTML and then can see them on screen. Bracket has the power of being an outstanding code editor which is adorned with the facility of in-browser dev tools.

Preprocessor Support

Brackets 2.0.1provide its users with a chance to work with preprocessors in a completely new manner. A preprocessor is a very important tool for users’ workflow therefore particular attention is given to this area by the developer.  Users can use Live Highlight and Quick Edit with their SCSS and fewer files which will simplify and make it easy for the users to work.


Brackets 2.0.1 has a straight forward sleek interface in the shape of Quick Edit where users can keep context-specific code and perform editing with the help of inline tools. This will save them from cluttering up the environment of their coding with a cluster of different icons and panels. The interface also helps users in color coding and inventing the segments so they can be identified easily. Moreover, all the elements of a project can be neatly organized in a work area where users can categorize them in a tree.

Extensions manager

Brackets 2.0.1 offer a strong framework of extension with various extensions. Users can browse and install these through Extension Manager that can be accessed in the File menu or users can also reach it by clicking on the upper right icon on the interface.

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Brackets 2.0.1 – Technical Detail

Title: Brackets 2.0.1
Added OnJanuary 16, 2022 1:29 am
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:15 pm
Version: 2.0.1
Category: Development Tools
License Type: Freeware, Open Source
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 8
Developers:Brackets Inc
File Name: Brackets.Release.1.14.msi
File Size: 76.6 MB

Brackets 2.0.1 Free Download 32/64bit

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