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It is a very worrying situation for a computer user when he or she accidentally delete or lose an important file during performing even simple tasks on computer such as formatting disks, emptying recycling bin, etc. Sometimes an employee can jeopardize his or her job or a student may lose his or her assignment score due to this unfortunate incident. The new technology has brought a solution for such individuals, employees, students and even general users in form of DiskDigger. DiskDigger is a solution to this worrying situation. It is an app that has the capability to recover the deleted files from different types of media that the host computer is able of reading, whether it is hard disks, memory cards, USB flash drives or optical media including DVDs and CDs. In nutshell, DiskDigger empowers the user to search the files that are deleted from the hard drive of a computer, USB disk or a memory card.

It does not matter that how a file is lost, DiskDigger recovers the files that are either accidentally deleted or lost while formatting the memory device or whatever the background of deletion, DiskDigger is an expert data recovery software which recovers that file easily. The software has a great many features including the two modes of operation Dig Deep and the other one Dig Deeper, that allow the users to choose one every time when they want to scan their disk. The Dig Deep, mode undeletes files from FAT, filter the files that are recoverable by their titles, sizes or time and then sort them likewise i-e as per size, title or directory. On the other hand, the Dig Deeper mode scans the whole disk and supports the images and pictures in various formats. Diskdigger is also capable of scanning virtual machines including VMDK files that are created by VMware. Users can find it under the category of recovery and backup software on the websites that provide authentic downloads for the top software in the market.

The users like the software mainly because they don’t have to install it necessarily because DiskDigger is capable of getting run from portable drives. Moreover, users can search the whole device without even leaving a trace of the searching activity for others to see. This is possible sure to the very lightweight and small size of the software. A user just has to select the type of file that needs to be recovered then select the drive that needs to be searched and the function of scanning and recovering starts instantly. When the required file is found in the preview list, then users can save it by pressing a button to restore it wherever it’s suitable for users.

DiskDigger supports various popular languages to support people from all over the world. Its supported languages include English, Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, French, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.


  • Two modes of scanning.
  • Users can preview the recoverable files in the form of a list or in the form of thumbnail previews.
  • Capable of scanning virtual disk image files.
  • Capable of starting the scan from a specified location of the disk in Dig Deeper mode.
  • Direct binary disk images.
  • While showing the preview of files, DiskDigger optionally shows initial 4K bytes of the file as hex dump.
  • The license key needed to be purchased to avail the full functionality of the software including saving of files that are reviewed.
  • It is Portable. An exhaustive disk scan.
  • Support recovery of REDCODE, .R3D (RED Video Camera videos.
  • Support recovery of OpenDocument files such as .ODT (OpenDocument Text), .ODS (Spread sheet), .ODP (Presentation) and (.ODG) Graphics.
  • Supports recovery of .WMF (Windows Metafiles, .EMF (Enhanced Metafiles) and .WMZ and .EMZ (their respective compressed analogs.
  • Enhanced support for recovery of .ZIP files.
  • Improved support for the detection of FAT12 partitions on disk images and physical disks.
  • Updated translation available into Turkish.
  • Supports multiple languages.
Title: DiskDigger
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Category: Windows XP
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Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers:Dmitry Brant
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DiskDigger Free Download 32/64bit

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