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Centos 7.0 Free Download is an operating system, abbreviated as CentOS. This is a Linux distribution program used mainly for making changes in packages, that is to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork. It is an open-source program from Red Hat and the latest upgrade supports both i386 and x86_84 system architectures and also improves several existing functions. With latest changes, CentOS trademarks were transferred to Red Hat.

The upgrade is very much resembling RHEL. To upgrade the program the user first has to backup prior to the installation. The installation comes in two DVDs. The first DVD contains a full install and the other DVD contains only supplementary RPMs, which can be installed afterward if needed. It has become very attractive with the catchy wallpaper available and GNOME desktop environment after the installation.

As CentOS is the free open source free software. This is managed by the community. CentOS is also used in the multiple vendors that are the big brand in the market. so they ensure that the operating system is one of the best product. Google and Amazon and other vendors are using the CentOS images. CentOS 7 is the latest release in the market. The release notes are also available on the official website. You can also download the source code and modify it. The latest and previous versions are also available on the official website. The documentation has the installation instructions, desktop usage, networking tips, and techniques, filesystem to manage the files. The Admin tricks and shell, how to upgrade from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7, applications and tools, and the Apache tips, also the other operating systems that work with CentOS and the issue to troubleshoot.

Centos 6.5 Features

  • Open Source.
  • Catchy Wallpapers.
  • Also, the GNOME desktop environment.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy install also.
  • Search online.
  • Also, Multiple interesting groups.
  • 27 January CentOS 7 release.
  • Multiple add-ons are also released to enhance features also.
Title: Centos 7.0 Free Download
Added OnJuly 7, 2016
Updated OnSeptember 24, 2019 10:07 pm
Version: v 7.0
Category: Linux
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows XP, 10, 7, 8.1, 8, and Vista
Developers:Centos Inc
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