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Brave Browser is a freeware web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. This Chromium browser is developed to run on macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Brave is known for faster, safer, and more private internet browsing as compared to other such software in the market. In fact, it is designed specifically to keep the element of security foremost in mind.

Brave Browser – Review

All in all  Brave Browser 1.11.104 is a unique browser with unique capabilities for safety, privacy, and speed. The incorporation of the BAT facility adds spices to this already tremendous browser. Brave Browser automatically blocks trackers and ads, it provides a fast and incredible internet browsing experience to users on any operating system that is preferred by them. The official website link of Brave Browser.

Brave Browser – Features

Fast and smooth browsing

Most users don’t know how much impact is made on the speed of internet activities. Like uploading and downloading web pages. If extra content is stripped away and the browser only has to process the real content. Around 60% of the loading time is taken up by ads technology. That is discretely loaded into different places every time when a website is hit and browsed. It blocks the ads, trackers, and unwanted contents automatically which makes browsing fast and safe than any other browser.

Maintain privacy

As mentioned, 60% time of web page loading is caused by waste content on the websites. 20% of this time is wasted on loading the content that is aimed to intrude on the privacy of internet users by learning users’ browsing details. When Brave Browser blocks such content then it ensures ultimate privacy for the users.

Safer browsing

With the latest Brave Browser, users can browse with a high level of safety as Safer. It also keeps you and your Moreover, users’ online information is much safer due to the effective shielding that Brave provides from 3rd party intrusion, and tracking.

Browse in your own way

However, Brave blocks all the ads to get uploaded with the target web pages. Through web navigators, those users who want to encounter prospective ads can opt to receive them. If they think that the ads do not pose any threat to their privacy. In this way, users can also feel that they are doing good for the websites by funding the content creators.

Redirects websites to HTTPS

Brave Browser is integrated with HTTPS to ensure that users always move with their bits across the safest pipe which is also most private for internet activity.

Since April 2019, users of the Brave Browser can opt into the Brave Rewards feature, which sends BAT micropayments to websites and content creators. Site owners and creators must first register with Brave as a publisher. Users can either turn on auto-contribute, which automatically divides a specified monthly contribution in proportion to the time spent, or they can manually send a chosen amount (referred to as a tip) while visiting the site or creator.

BAT for content creators

BAT is a “Basic Attention Token” which refers to an open-source and decentralized platform of an ad exchange. In the Brave Browser, the feature of Brave Rewards can be availed, which gives BAT micropayments to content creators and websites. For that, content creators must register with Brave first under the capacity of the publisher. Users can turn on the option of auto contribute, which divides a specific monthly contribution automatically in proportion to the spent time period. They can also send a selected amount manually which is referred to as “tip” while they are visiting the publisher’s website.

Earn BAT

On the Brave Browser, users can earn BAT by viewing ads that are notified by the operating systems that are used by the users.  Ad campaigns are matched to the liking of users by analyzing their browsing history. This analysis and targeting are done locally, without leaking the personal data of users to any entity outside of the browser and by eliminating the need for third-party tracking. Moreover, alternatively or additionally, users can sell or purchase BAT through Brave’s interrelation with Uphold Inc, which runs the operations of digital currency exchange.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is also one of the famous browsers other than Google Chrome.

Brave Browser 1.14.81 – System Requirement

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Hard Dist: 10GB


Brave Browser 1.14.81 – Technical Detail

Title: Brave Browser
Added OnJanuary 26, 2022 1:28 am
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:14 pm
Version: 2022 Latest
License Type: Open Source
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Brave Inc.
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File Size:

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