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Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500

Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500 which is known as DU Browser as well is free of cost web browser launched by Baidu. It serves its users with amazing speed due to the T5 engine. Besides the bundled features which signify this web browser for its ease of use, there are also some region-specified features as well which make Baidu a very good choice of the web browser in Southeast Asian countries. Baidu Browser is Chromium-based means runs on the same engine as that of Google Chrome.

Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500 – Review

All in all, Baidu is a browser worth being used as a primary browser in your system. Baidu Web Browser, however, features a standard design but tools like changeable skins and smart user interface add value to the product outlook. Baidu nicely integrates with Facebook and also possesses features to download videos, capture screenshots, download torrents, open downloads manager, and protect the account.

Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500 – Features

Sidebar on Baidu

A very instrumental Sidebar on Baidu enables you to have quick access to downloads and bookmarks. A web page can be zoomed in or zoomed via zoom function. A widget is available to quickly operate a Facebook account. One of the coolest features is its ability to utilize mouse gestures to perform a specific action, for example, backward and forward browsing and opening or closing new tabs.


Baidu Web Browser also provides strong security features which come with an adware block and virus scanner that is built in the product. Another additional function stops other applications to modify your privacy and security settings.

Fast Performance

Baidu web Browser is faster than many of its competitors, particularly in terms of uploading web pages. Baidu web browser can run videos in a smaller ‘window’ so you can watch them while browsing and surfing the internet. It is a novelty but the feature largely depends on the speed of the device and internet connection that you are using for the Baidu browser.

Region specific features

Baidu Browser is particularly an excellent choice if you are living in a region where region-specific features of Baidu are offered and can be activated. The ability of the users using Baidu as a primary browser in these regions can make a subscription for websites with which they want to stay connected and can also hunt down graphic user interfaces.

Easy to use

Baidu Internet Browser makes life easier for you when it comes to browsing the internet with its many handy functions. For instance, you will never need to search through tabs to find what were you watching. You will simply have to click the “Pop-up” button on the browser to open any internet video in the window on which it was running on.

Media Downloader

The Media Downloader is already built in the app so you can easily download audio videos directly to the computer and share it with your other devices such as tablets and phones to enjoy them whenever you feel like it. Browsing and working on the internet does not always go smoothly even with the best devices and connection at your disposal. Sometimes glitches occur but the Browser Doctor which is again a built-in feature of the Baidu browser quickly diagnoses and fixes the common browsing problems to empower you for having a browsing experience with the time saved which in another browser you will have to waste in looking for the solutions.

Sharing pictures with friends is a worth while experience and Baidu understands it. Therefore you can easily share the pictures if your browsing pages with a built-in screenshot button. You can also save it for any later reference. With the drag and drop function you can move tabs and their contents front one place to another.

Alternative of Baidu Browser is Google Chrome Web Browser you can look into it for choosing which one is better for you.

List of Features

  • Media Downloader directly downloads audio-video content.
  • Browser Doctor detects and fixes browsing problems.
  • Full-Page Screenshots.
  • Account Syncing.
  • Strong security and privacy tools.
  • Sidebar for quick access to bookmarks and downloads.
  • Integration with Facebooks and Facebook widgets.
  • Mouse gestures for specific actions.
  • Built-in adware block and virus scanner.
  • Capable of playing video on a smaller window during browsing.

Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500 – Technical Detail

Title: Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500
Added OnDecember 13, 2021 3:14 am
Updated OnDecember 14, 2021 10:33 pm
Version: 43.23.1000.500
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
File Name: spark_setup_all.exe
File Size: 46.0 MB

Baidu Browser 43.23.1000.500 Free Download 32/64bit

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