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Adobe Premiere Element launched its first version in September 2004 with its few Video Editing features. Now Adobe Premiere Elements 15 comes out in the marketplace on October 4, 2016. This has been the market-leading new video editing software for consumers published by Adobe Systems. It is cross-platform compatible used for both Windows and on Mac. Adobe Premiere Element is now available to make all your videos look great. Premiere elements have always helped you to do everything you want to your videos from editing to enhancing, organizing to sharing. You can make quick videos in three different ways with favorite instant moments and video story and you also have guided and expert options. Premiere Elements 15 has been a built-in content intelligence to analyze your videos and then automatically adjust them to look their best.

You probably have dozens of videos in your personal collection, so the element organizer makes it easier to find any video you need at an instant. Visual searching is the cinch because the organizer puts all your favorite options in one place just clicks on once to search by places, by events by your favorite videos and more. You can also search on multiple subjects at once to really narrow things down. Using Guided Edit now you can create your own frames to complement your favorite photos and can share it with others. Adobe Premiere Element 15 also enhanced features for those people who use touchscreen devices, both the organizer and the quick edit mode are now the touch-friendly. So you can tap and swipe to do all your finding, sorting, and quick video enhancements.

Photo collages are also a creative feature used to share many memories at once and with the new video collages and the Premiere Elements you can make a mix of photos and the videos to really bring your collages to life, just choose a template and drop up in your videos and photos and you will have fun video collages that are perfect for sharing on the Social Media. Now premiere elements analyze your video to figure out what wrong and apply correction only to the background. Premiere Elements automatically remixes any music file to match the length of your video. You can adjust lighting problems and can easily fix color automatically to make your photo to its best.


  • Premiere Elements now focuses on the faces to ensure that you get great videos of friends and family.
  • Guided Elements are the essential tools available for consumers they show you step by step how to create terrific videos.
  • Now Premiere Elements offers its users 14 Guided Elements. Using Guided Elements you can now add any video inside the text in your movie titles.
  • Premiere Elements 15 automates the organizing and editing. So you can have fun creating, organizing and sharing great looking videos.
  • It provides its users with fantastic color correction options and capabilities.
  • Splitting Clips is very easy using razor shortcut is even faster you can use ripple to delete a shortcut in Abode Element 15.
  • In Premiere Elements now having enhanced built-in effects, text tools, image stabilization, audio editing.
  • In this Version of Premiere Element perfect tagging and now having enhanced search capability in the Organizer.
  • Adobe Premiere Element 15 now automatically brings faces from the front and center.
  • This also contains built-in content intelligence to analyze your videos and then automatically adjust them to look attractive and best.
  • Several Video features also advanced, such as Face recognition Tech.
  • Now in Adobe Premiere, you can get help in order to turn a picture into cool visual text.
  • Adding embossed shadows and drop shadows in pictures also enhanced features for consumers.
  • Now in this, you’re sharing with social media like YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook will be easier than ever.
  • Premiere Elements automatically remixes any music file to match the length of your video.
  • This Version is available for both the PC and on Mac.
  • Very attractive and easy to use interface.
  • Photo collages are also enhanced features used to share many memories at once using this you can add the videos you like.
  • Photoshop Element now give you the best templates and themes to choose from them.
  • Now you can find set your audio it’s now easier than ever.
  • You can fix color and lighting problems automatically to make your photos more attractive.
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