Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Adobe Illustrator CS6 is yet another powerful and creative vector graphical software developed by Adobe. It creates industry-level vector graphics. Moreover, it is a powerful tool with sophisticated features of drawing, natural brushes, and a suite of time-saving operations.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Review

Adobe Illustrator CS6 provides the users with all the drawing tools that they may need to convert simple and harmless shapes into vibrant, colorful, and sophisticated icons, logos, and graphics. With its improved bug fixes and stability, Adobe Illustrator CS6 is all that a designer needs. Moreover, you can also visit the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 & download the trial version.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Features


Adobe Illustrator CS6 helps its users in creating icons, drawings, logos, typography, and all types of illustrations for videos, webs, and mobiles. It creates unique vector artwork for all types of projects with precision. As well as it is used by professional designers all around the globe.

Total control

This powerful and most connected software has new amazing features. If Touch Type provides its users with more control over moving, scaling, and rotating. Furthermore, users can edit each character, & layer anytime.

Effective sharing through creative cloud

With Illustrator, users can effectively share their work and projects directly. They can synchronize colors from Adobe Kuler. As well as they can synchronize the fonts from Adobe Typekit.

Effective for all project sizes

As the artwork of the app is vector-based, therefore the software empowers the users to do the iconic work to create any size of the project by scaling up to fit a billboard and by scaling down for a mobile screen and in anyways the result is equally crisp and eye-catching.

Expressive typography

Through typography, a user can incorporate company names and tags line into logos. As well as user can create flyers, and mockup design of a website, simply by using extraordinary type tools of illustrator. Moreover, users can also manage styles, add effects, and edit each character to design a typographic that will express and convey their message perfectly.

Create attractions

Illustrator enables users to attract the target audience with all types of graphics. By freehand drawings, tracing, and re-coloring imported images to convert them into art pieces. And these illustrations and art pieces can be used anywhere such as presentations, blogs, web pages, printed material, and social media.

Focus on design

The fast and responsive performance of Adobe Illustrator CS6 along with the precision tools makes it easy for the users to focus on their designs without worrying about the process.

Freeform Gradients

Illustrator provides its users with capabilities of color blending which enables them to create photorealistic, vibrant, and rich gradients that are more natural-looking.

Global editing

This feature of Illustrator saves users time as they can modify similar items across several artboards at a time.

Browsing of Visual font

It is very easy to browse various font classes in Adobe Illustrator so users can select the one which is most suitable for their purpose. Users can also choose from various options of sample texts as well.

Customizable toolbar

Users can remove, add, and group up tools in their toolbar as per their need which enables them to have fast and easy access.

Accessible Adobe Fonts

Users can activate a very wide range of fonts within Illustrator. They can preview selected fonts in their project even if they are inactive.

Presentation mode

In Adobe Illustrator, the cardboard can be converted into slides that can be used as a preview, can be browsed and users can also use it in their presentation in presentation mode.

Trim view

The app enables the users to see the designs in trim view i-e without grids, guides, and elements outside the artboard.

Content-aware Crop

This feature is added in the new versions of Illustrator. It is Adobe Sensei-powered mechanism that uses machine learning to suggest crops according to the content.

Puppet Warp enhancement

Just like content-aware crops, Adobe Sensei also empowers Illustrator to automatically suggest pins so users don’t have to plot them manually.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Technical Details

Title: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Added OnFebruary 10, 2022
Updated OnSeptember 27, 2023 10:09 pm
Version: CS6
Category: Adobe Illustrator
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Adobe Inc.
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