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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 is the latest version. The well-known vector graphic software is again with the latest tools and features for industry-standard artists and graphic designers so they can create attractive logos, sleek icons, intriguing drawings, smart typography, and mesmerizing illustrations for websites, videos, print materials, and mobile apps.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 – Review

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 is not just a revamped version but it has brought a plethora of new features and tools to provide the best user experience to the designers out there. An uncountable number of professionals use Adobe illustrator to demonstrate their creativity in their creations in form of eye-catching miniature icons to big billboards with all the drawing tools that the software providers to transform simple colors and shapes to picture sophistication. The new 2020 edition has a number of enhancements along with some new introductions as well. Moreover, You can read the detailed features on the Official link.

You can also download Adobe Illustrator CC 2019.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 – Features

Vector-based app

As the users know that Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 is based on vector so the illustrations can be easily scaled up and down according to the need and they will look equally beautiful and crisp in all sizes either on mobile screens or up on billboards.

Simplifying paths

The version has enhanced and enriched the process of simplifying paths for users.

Faster effects

The performance is enhanced for users so they can apply the required effects to their images in a faster time.

Faster process of opening files

The users wanted a reduction in file opening issues so that’s what the developers have done. The mechanism of reading the files is now improved to troubleshoot. The faster it will read the file, the quicker it will open that file for the users.


Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 has brought better performance in terms of stability, user experience because workflows are smoother and it is easier and more stable to handle network files.  Users can also save their tasks on remote networks as well.

Freeform Gradients and global editing

The Freeform gradients enable the users to smoothly and efficiently create rich blends of shades to give a more natural feel to the artwork. While it comes to time-saving, the option of Global Editing will not disappoint the users by enabling the users to modify repeating objects or texts across various artboards at one time.

Customizable toolbar

Users can add or subtract the tools that they want or do not want. They can even group them according to the order that is convenient for them.

Trim Preview and Presentation

It is often that users want to exhibit their artboards in the form of presentations to their employers, clients, and even friends. In order to make it possible, the software has the capability to turn the artboards into professional-looking slides that can be easily projected, presented, and shared. Users can also have Trim preview i-e they can see how their creations look with the unwanted sides such as gradients and guides trimmed off from them.

Visual font browsing

The new version has made it very convenient to browse various classes of fonts to quickly find the appropriate font. Users can also preview the font that they have selected before activating it. Also, the user can now opt from various options of sample texts.

Scaling to fit screens

The size of icons, tools, panels, menus, and controls can be customized by scaling the size so they can fit different sizes and types of screens.

Faster zoom

The outline mode in the function of zoom on is also improved in the 2020 edition so users can see their canvases shrinking and growing incrementally.

Intelligent crop

The Content-aware crop is a new feature that is based on the technology of Adobe Sensei that empowers automation in features. The technology utilizes the intelligence of a machine to suggest intelligent crops.

Actual size preview

Users can preview their designs at the actual dimensions when the view is set to 100%.

Puppet Warp enhancement

This feature again is powered by the technology of Adobe Sensei which automatically suggests pins so users are not required to plot them manually.

Numerous outputs for artwork

In Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 artwork can be created for a number of outputs. Freehand drawings can be created, and images can be imported to get traced and recolored and much more else can be done. The illustrations can come out on printed brochures, mobile screens, websites, and as many platforms as one can imagine.

Powerful enough to increase the standard

Due to the responsive, fast, and powerful performance and tools, users can forget about the process and can focus on their creativity and designs. Users can seamlessly work with other apps in creative ouds such as InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and XD. Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 makes it a piece of cake to add the artworks in various designs, videos, etc.

Properties panel (New)

Central access is provided for all the controls which speed up the work. The latest Smart Properties panel in 2020 contains the crucial tools only that are displayed at the most appropriate times.

Puppet deformation (New)

These new features empower the users to convert their vector graphics without affecting the natural look of the artwork. “Puppet Deformation” function enables the users to create and also modify the objects without needing to configure a reference point or circuit separately.

Enhancements of artboards

Users now can create up to 1000 artboards on a single canvas and can also work with numerous content in every document in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020. The structure of mounting areas is more convenient now and multiple artboards can be selected at a time and can be arranged and aligned automatically on canvas with just a single click. While objects attached to the artboard can now move along with it.

Sets of styles

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 comes with predefined graphs for whole text blocks so there is no longer a need to separately select and modify each glyph.

Colored fonts SVG

In Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 SVG Opentype fonts enable the users to use fonts containing multiple colors, transparency levels, and gradients. The users also have the facility of variable fonts i-e through OpenType fonts, users can alter the width, thickness, and various other parameters of the font which will give a unique style to the text without affecting the original design.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 – Techincal Details

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