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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 is the graphic designing tool that is used to design the logos, designs, web application pages, mockups, image editing, pamphlets, banners, sketches and many other things you can develop in this tool. This tool is vector graphic and the main point is saleable this means that the logos, images, web designs, etc need the exact alignments and scaling in the design so the illustrator is used for. Why are banners designed in illustrator? Because of the resolution which means the image resolution not disturb or change when you zoom in or zoom out even too much. Here we mention the comparison of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator so you get knowledge about both and use the appropriate for designing the things.

Illustrator developed in 1987 whereas Adobe is developed in 1990, Illustrator is mostly used for the logo designing, web graphics, mock-ups, whereas the Photoshop is used for images, editing and cleansing of photos, zoom in illustrator is more accurate and pixels not dispatch whereas in Photoshop it keeps the pixels for specific zoom in and after that, the pixels dispatch that is 900% vs 300%. Single canvas in Adobe Photoshop and multiple artboards in Illustrator. Object selection in Illustrator is allowed whereas in Photoshop area selection is used. Adobe is designing tools Developer Company which is product-based. The graphic tools are used in the market a lot. The Adobe is targeting the designer clients and companies’ consumers and the main focus of Adobe Company is to develop the product and then upgrade the product then release the new and upgraded version of the application.

The designers really like and appreciate the effort of the developing company and purchase the product from it. It is used for logos and for the designing purpose. These Illustrator tools are used to move, selection, lasso, markup, eye drop, hand, zoom in, zoom out, Pen, Paint, ruler, eraser, brush, rectangle, circle, square, ellipse, star, text, rotate, scale, and much more. Each tool is used to design different items. By using these tools which are mentioned in illustrator and you can make your desired design. This is the new version released after the illustrator 2014.1. and few latest features that are introduced in this version. Adobe stock is introduced where you can find the starting templates or anything you require and that will be provided if available freely. The speed performance of Illustrator that is 10x faster than the older version that is released.


  • Tools keyboard shortcut and layout.
  • Tools selection keyboard shortcuts and layouts that improve the control.
  • Can Save files in cloud-based also.
  • The CC is linked with a creative cloud network.
  • Up to 10x zoom also.
  • 3D Logo designing.
  • 3D Image designing also.
  • Added font, text, color, and style.
  • Working fastly keyboard shortcut.
  • Change the background of your photos.
  • Easy to use friendly.
  • Work fastly.
Title: Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Free Download

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