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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 is the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver having some new features which are not present in previous versions of Adobe Dreamweaver. It is the modern tool that is used to develop front end and back end development of web applications and also you can develop a front end by just drag and drop facility. Adobe Dreamweaver helps the developers that are either back-end web developer or front-end web developer they can view the front end live to mean constantly view the changes in the sidebar. It is the new release of Adobe Dreamweaver CC company that implemented a number of new features that are helping the developer and designers during the development of the product.

You can build the responsive site by viewing them on the site constantly without refreshing the browser you can view the changes, work faster with all-new coding engines as it is providing the helping code hints and auto-completion options, support plugins like emmet, and check the real-time errors. Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 is also part of Creative Cloud which means you can access all of your assets from the cloud server and also save your work on cloud and you can develop an attractive web application. Adobe also provides the tutorials to the developers/users that how you can start working in Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 that will help you out for a quick start like Learn how to work with HTML layout, Layout web pages with CSS, Make and style a responsive website all these tutorials are available on Adobe official site.

You can open the application in any browser that is supported by Dreamweaver. To check in multiple browsers the front end developer especially needs this for the appropriate layout of the system. The documentation is also available that is released with the latest version release in the market. There are a number of tutorials also available that teaches the use of Dreamweaver. The official documentation teaches the youtube videos are also available that teaches the features and functions. The blog writers also write tutorials which help the beginners to learn quickly.

The current latest version release of Adobe Dreamweaver is Dreamweaver CC 2017.5. The new version enhances many features some of the key features are; a more interactive user interface, support Git, onboarding that helps the beginners, etc. You can also download Adobe Illustrator for designing purpose Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Free Download.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017 Features

  • New Code Editor: Dreamweaver CC is the IDE that helps the developer to write the code faster, with the greater speed they also provide the coding hints to the developers that are the main factor to increase the development speed and them, also integrate the plugins like emmet, etc.
  • Developer Workspace: You can open the file and folder from anywhere and can edit it quickly.
  • CSS preprocessor support: Dreamweaver cc is providing the code coloring and also support for the SASS, Less, and SCSS.
  • Real-time browser preview: you can view your edits in real-time without refreshing the browser you can view your code changing.
  • Quick CSS editing within HTML files: you can edit inline CSS and can add HTML quickly.
  • Git Support is available in the latest version.
  • New Code Theme was available for the users to start with.
  • Update CEF support that means help in the live view.
  • Improved onboarding.
  • In-context CSS documentation.
  • Multiple cursors for repetitive tasks.
  • Modern User Interface.
  • Creative Cloud Assets improvements.
Title: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017
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