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Adobe After Effects CC 2015

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is yet another creative solution developed by Adobe. It is a tool that can be used post-production of videos to add special effects to them. Composers use to turn their ordinary videos into a professional standard work of art.  Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is a very popular version of the software and is available with a plethora of new and updated features. Following are some highlights about the same. You may like to read the detailed feature from the official website.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 – Review

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 was initially released on 15 June 2015 with the stable version release of In nutshell, now the video making art is evolved into a creative performance that can be done not only by professionals like in the old-time but with Adobe After Effects anyone can make his or her dream video by using the full capacity of creativity as Adobe after effect diminishes all boundaries and limitations to the creativity. For anyone interested in professional animation work, this software is worth checking out. Despite the steep learning curve, all the features available will make it worth the time and effort.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 – Features

Updated preview options

The previews provided in Adobe After Effects 2015 are now more unified, simplified, and even customizable. It has been made sure that the users can see the previews of their efforts without any interruption.

Enhanced User Interface

The first thing that user notice on opening software is its user interface and therefore Adobe tries to keep upgrading the interface in its every new version. Likewise, the Graphic user interface of Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is also designed to be more responsive. The interaction also is upgraded with more responsiveness, though the frames are yet in the process of rendering.  The panel tab is also revamped in the 2015 version.

Learn the ropes

In professional standard software like Adobe After Effects 2015, it is usually very time-consuming and difficult to learn the ropes around the features and functionality of the program but Adobe After Effects CC 2015 has tried to make it easier by introducing some intuitive functions that are easy to get-go with. However, if users put some effort in learning their way around the software, they will surely get to know the full potential of After Effects and how much can be done with the videos using this software.  From cinematic movie titles to handling the bending tools and incorporating depth in images, there is a whole new world that can be explored by the users and their videos.

Effective Animation

Animation effects are the most intriguing effects that a composer wants to add in his or her videos. Therefore, motion graphics templates are an essential part of Adobe After Effects CC 2015. Users can also animate any 2D entity imported from other programs. Adding animation to even infographics and graphs is possible in this version.

Synchronizing via Creative cloud

Creative Cloud is another cool feature of Adobe After Effects 2015. This enables the users to share their projects easily in the cloud with whomever they want. If at any stage, the users come across a difficulty then there are plenty of training videos that are available to help them in every step curve of learning. Moreover, constant support and updates are available throughout the cloud experience which keeps the users at top of their performance.

Compatibility with other Adobe apps

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 has the ability to work efficiently and smoothly with a number of Adobe apps. Users can create the comps and can easily review the preview on Premiere Pro with the help of Adobe Dynamic Link. Moreover, work from Illustrator, Adobe XD, PhotsoShop, Character Animator and Animate. Users can collaborate with the editors through Team Projects from any location.

Major updates

OpenEXR importers and RED have been upgraded. The speed for image caching is now more increased. Furthermore, the libraries of Creative Cloud are available within the Adobe After Effects CC 2015. The common types of effects like Gaussian Blur and Lumetri Color now utilize the GPU acceleration in Adobe After Effects CC 2015. The program speed is also enhanced as compared to that of previous versions. The performance is also increased by five times along with the processing power and scalability.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 – Technical Details

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